Our API business has attracted new customers and expanded to more than 50 countries worldwide. Flagship products include Cephalexin, Cefaclor and Ethambutol, which are mainstay Anti-Infective and Anti-TB treatments and have registered revenues exceeding Rs.1 billion each. During the year, we achieved a turnover of Rs.10,931 million, a marginal decline of 4% over the last fiscal year.

With a commitment to protect the environment and improve efficiency of existing processes, we are adopting green chemistry enzymatic technologies. We intend to leverage our core fermentation technology expertise to introduce new products in the market and spur our growth. Lupin was the recipient of the Best Bulk Drug Manufacturer Award for FY2017 by UBM India Pharma Awards.

Value Added Finished Formulations Business
Global Institutional Business (GIB) – Saving lives in the Tuberculosis (TB) arena

Lupin retains its leadership position in the Anti-TB finished formulation supply market. We are the leading supplier to the Global Drug Facility and the Government of India. Currently, our Company is developing a range of second line Anti-TB drugs for Multi-Drug Resistant TB (MDR TB) along with a variety of child-friendly Anti-TB formulations. Additionally, GIB is also paving the way towards introducing novel drugs in the Anti-Retroviral and Anti-Malaria space.

Principal to Principal (P2P) Business – Facilitating access to newer molecules

Lupin’s P2P business launched several first-to-market products in India and has emerged as a strong and reliable supplier and partner. Our significant products under the P2P portfolio are Rifaximin, Acotiamide and Teneligliptin. During FY2018, the Antihistamine product Bepotastine, was launched. Acogut (Acotiamide), launched in FY2017, has been acclaimed as one of the best launched products in the Acute Care segment.