Lupin’s investments in Research and Development (R&D) have helped us gain a leadership position in differentiated product introductions and become a formidable player in the generics space. It forms the base for further successes as we emerge gradually as a specialty pharmaceutical player. These investments are calibrated for risks and appropriate returns and encompass not merely the developed markets like US, Europe and Japan but also the emerging markets. Our R&D helps build a solid foundation as we progress to become a Complex Generics, Biosimilars and Specialty frontrunner.

Spread across 9 R&D sites in 6 countries, with over 1,700 scientists and more than 3,000 patents filed globally, we are well positioned to cater to the unique requirements of distinct markets. Our focus has been to direct R&D spends into areas that reflect the opportunities presented by the markets. The outlay of investments in R&D of Rs.18.5 billion – which accounts for 11.9% of our sales, is a growth driver to fuel our future. Our R&D investments are calibrated for risk and appropriate returns and encompass a balance of meaningful Specialty and Complex Generics and of products for developed markets like US, Europe and Japan as well as for the emerging markets.

Building on innovation platforms, our endeavour is to shape solutions, discover ideas and explore possibilities in order to provide high quality products across the world. Our key focus areas continue to be Complex Generics, Biotechnology and Novel Drug Discovery and Development (NDDD).