Name of the Subsidiary Date from which it became Subsidiary
Lupin Pharmaceuticals, Inc., USA. 30.06.2003
Kyowa Pharmaceutical Industry Co., Ltd., Japan 18.10.2007
Pharma Dynamics (Proprietary) Ltd., South Africa 01.03.2008
Hormosan Pharma GmbH, Germany 25.07.2008
Multicare Pharmaceuticals Philippines, Inc., Philippines 26.03.2009
Generic Health Pty Ltd., Australia 27.09.2010
Kyowa CritiCare Co., Ltd., Japan 18.05.2011
Lupin Holdings B.V., Netherlands 30.03.2007
Lupin Atlantis Holdings SA, Switzerland 05.06.2007
Lupin Healthcare (UK) Ltd 05.06.2009
Lupin Australia Pty Ltd., Australia 01.12.2004
Lupin Pharma Canada Ltd., Canada 18.06.2009
Lupin Mexico S.A. de C.V., Mexico 23.08.2010
Bellwether Pharma Pty Ltd., Australia 27.09.2010
Lupin Philippines, Inc., Philippines 20.12.2010
Lupin Healthcare Ltd., India 17.03.2011
Generic Health SDN. BHD., Malaysia 18.05.2011
Lupin Middle East FZ-LLC, Dubai 13.06.2012
Lupin Inc., USA. 27.06.2013
Lupin GmbH, Switzerland 15.08.2013
Nanomi B.V., the Netherlands 30.01.2014
Laboratorios Grin, S.A. de C.V., Mexico 30.09.2014
Medquimica Industria Farmaceutica LTDA, Brazil. 24.06.2015
Gavis Pharmaceuticals, LLC, USA. 08.03.2016
Novel Laboratories, Inc., USA. 08.03.2016
Lupin Research Inc., USA. 08.03.2016
Lupin Pharma LLC, Russia 11.02.2016
Lupin Ukraine LLC, Ukraine 13.07.2016
Lupin Latam Inc., USA 15.12.2016
Lupin Japan & Asia Pacific K.K. Japan 13.03.2017
Lupin IP Ventures Inc., USA 10.10.2017
Sybiomix Therapeutics, LLC, USA 10.10.2017
Lupin Europe GmbH, UK 05.02.2018
YL Biologics Ltd., Japan (Joint Venture). 23.04.2014