Lupin is built on the foundation of our core values and our commitment to the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. We strive to provide a safe, challenging, and rewarding workplace for our employees.

Building High
Performance Teams

At Lupin, our employees are our most valuable asset — central to the success and growth of our business operations and organizational reputation. Providing support and care for our employees is part of our DNA, and we strive to create an environment conducive to their development. Our systems, policies, technology and business functioning are aligned with industry best practices. As a result, we are able to provide a fair, professional, and diverse work environment to our employees. The kind of an enabling environment we have created is a great platform for our employees to gain exceptional experiences. This approach to employee management strengthens and nurtures our human capital while at the same time allowing us to retain highly skilled and talented professionals, creating value for all our stakeholders.


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Key Highlights

Our Human Resources (HR) team is a key partner in our goal to remain a fit-for-purpose organization. The team is continually striving to ensure that our business operations are aligned with our six core values. They are:


Our conduct is centered around uncompromising integrity and honesty. We insist on the highest ethical standards and transparency from our employees in all our interactions.


We strive to align the efforts and energies of employees across all levels and across all offices to deliver outstanding results to our stakeholders.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We encourage our employees to take ownership in their endeavors by taking responsibility with passion and conviction.

Respect and Care

Our goal is to show compassion and sensitivity towards all our stakeholders and to treat them the way as we would expect to be treated ourselves.

Customer Focus

We try to understand and meet customer needs in a professional and responsive manner.

Passion for Excellence

We pursue excellence through innovation and continuous evolution of all our projects, processes and products.

Lupin is committed to providing an exceptional employee experience coupled with a positive work environment. To achieve this goal, strategies and targets are defined and implemented in the following overarching areas:

Talent Management

Resource Development

Promotion of Diversity

Employee Wellbeing

Equal Opportunities and Protection of Human Rights

Our Talent Landscape

As a knowledge-based company, we are committed to the continuous development of our people. We strive to ensure diversity in gender and age for our workforce so as to enhance collaboration and dialogue within the business.

Our endeavor is to recognize and instill confidence in our global workforce of 21,381* permanent employees and workers. Of this, the largest share of our permanent workforce is in India, i.e., 19,453.**


Lupin has employees in 11 countries11 across the world and a globally diverse workforce (both in terms of gender and age) that enables the company to challenge convention and explore new opportunities. Our diverse workforce ensures a comprehensive understanding of the geographical realities, as well as respond to the evolving needs of the industry. In FY22, Lupin’s diversity ratio was close to 50% across its nine global locations. Lupin India is lagging in terms of the diversity ratio, but the company is determined to gain ground. In accordance with our Global Diversity Strategy, India has committed to include 15% of women employees across all business units by 202712.

The table below shows the composition of our workforce across age, gender, and employee/management levels:

Talent Retention

Technology has been the driving force behind our efforts to develop and nurture our human capital. The deployment of state-of-the-art and universal platforms such as SAP-SuccessFactors and HR Central has enabled better management of employee data, allowing our HR team to deliver most relevant solutions for employees across different functional areas and geographies.

Overall, our people-centered approach plays a key role in ensuring the retention of our talent. In adopting this approach, coupled with the principle of awards and recognition of our employees, we carry out systematic employee retention. Our people are prepared and can adapt to disruptive changes which enables them to reach their full potential.

This further reflects the employee turnover rate that is well below the sector’s attrition rate. Globally, the pharmaceutical industry has an attrition rate between 10 to 12%. Moreover, the industry experiences an employee turnover of 30 to 40% at the field level and 8 to 10% at the managerial level.13 This is in direct contrast to the employee turnover14 rate experienced by Lupin across its global presence—on an average, the turnover rate has been reported as 17.4%. In addition, while the fast-growing knowledge-based sector experiences an annual attrition rate of 30 to 35% in India, Lupin’s attrition rate was 17.7% in FY22. In FY20 and FY21, 3339 and 2867 employees respectively left the organization15.

Learn & Earn Program

At Lupin, we are strongly committed to creating a workforce that is adequately skilled and comprises of the best talent available. Aligned with this is our desire to create positive impact for the communities we work in. For this, we have implemented Learn & Earn, a bachelors degree program designed by Lupin to provide educational and career opportunities to financially underprivileged talented and ambitious individuals from rural areas around our largest manufacturing hubs. Individuals who enroll in this program are provided with job assurance at Lupin. The program offers enrolled individuals access to bachelors degrees from reputed universities in the manufacturing and technology sectors. Participants are provided with on-the-job training, a customized induction and orientation program, and gain 3 years of professional work experience. Participants are also supported with subsidized accommodation, transport and canteen facilities and group personal accident insurance and individual Mediclaim. In terms of impact, since inception, approximately 650 learners have been onboarded and have completed their graduation. The first all India Learner Graduation ceremony was held in Goa in 2014.

Success Story

Tapasya, a girl from a rural area of Maharashtra, joined the program in 2018 at our Goa site. Her growth and learning through the program were greatly enhanced. She was made the Subject Matter Expert (SME) in the Quality Control lab in her third year, and was responsible for ensuring effective training of new joiners during their On-Job training process. She has been identified as SME for several instruments includng Karl Fisher, HPLC, Physical Testing, Basic lab skills, Dissolution by UV and Spectrofluorometer instruments. Tapasya has always been a meritorious student and has been one of the course toppers at the site. She also has accolades in hosting events of Learners like the Annual day, Women’s Day and volunteering in managing engagement activities for Quality Labs. She is now a Junior Officer on the rolls of the company.

Managing Talent

Fostering an environment that encourages the growth and development of our people is critical to the success of our business. Our employees are encouraged to harness their potential and gain success throughout their career lifecycle. We have established a performance management system that evaluates employee achievements on a periodic basis, in an objective and structured manner. Our people are provided with opportunities to discuss their performance and professional and personal aspirations with their managers across all functions and levels. Rigorous follow-up is maintained on such conversations through Performance Conversations Documents to track progress against set aspirations. Through our robust performance review system, for FY22, 100% male and female employees in India have received regular review, further contributing to their development.16

Across our geographies of operation17, for FY22, 83.6% male and 6.8% female employees have undergone performance and career development reviews. In FY21, 100% of our eligible employees received regular performance and career development reviews.18

Along with performance review, we also provide our people with learning and upskilling opportunities to enable them to undertake leadership roles effectively. Based on the Lupin Leadership Competencies and Values Framework, curated training programs are offered to employees in leadership roles. The purpose of these trainings is to enhance the employee’s leadership skills, familiarize them with their new roles and ensure that synergies remain collaborative across teams. In India, we also offer the Leader Plus program for grass root leaders to develop and strengthen their supervisory skills. For FY22, 130 employees participated in this program.

Developing Talent

We strive to foster a life-long learning approach for the organization and our employees. The aim is to facilitate high-performing teams, facilitate agile and adaptive ways of working, upskill and reskill current employees as per requirements, and engage and prepare all employees for disruptive transformation.

The life-long learning approach compounded with our values has resulted in precise investments for our employees. For FY22, the total number of training hours undertaken by our employees across the 8 global offices stood at 924,960 hours.

The average training hours per employee was 142.6. The training material imparted to employees was topic wise, including technical, non-technical, ethical standards, bribery and corruption, prevention of sexual harassment and skill upgradation. A total of INR 59,236,300 was spent was on training for FY22 across eight geographies20, while the average amount spent per full time employee amounted to INR 2,770 across nine geographies of operation.21

For FY22, the total number of training hours undertaken by our employees across the 8 global offices19 stood at 924,960 hours. The average training hours per employee was reported as 142.6.*

Key Interventions

  • Yes, We Can: To establish confidence for "Zero 483s" at manufacturing sites.
  • Quality First Program: To emphasize overarching quality focus and influence inspection outcomes.
  • SEED: To enhance synergy within our Site Leadership and create a collaborative environment, SEED was introduced with the aim of increased efficiency of our plant performance. The initiative has been championed by the Site head for launching, reviewing, tracking & acknowledging changed behaviours that have led to efficiencies in the plant performance. For example, a large Site reported a rise in committed versus actual production target achievement from 78% pre-SEED to 92% post-SEED.

The overarching objective of all our L&D initiatives is to inculcate within our employees a sense of belonging and familiarity within the organization. In addition, these initiatives aid in enhancing the professional expertise of our people, eventually creating strong value for all our stakeholders.

The overarching objective of all our L&D initiatives is to inculcate within our employees a sense of belonging and familiarity within the organization. In addition, these initiatives aid in enhancing the professional expertise of our people, eventually creating strong value for all our stakeholders.

The overarching objective of all our L&D initiatives is to inculcate within our employees a sense of belonging and familiarity within the organization. In addition, these initiatives aid in enhancing the professional expertise of our people, eventually creating strong value for all our stakeholders.


To enable our employees performing research and development roles to further enhance their skills, we have implemented an initiative called ASCENT. This initiative provides such employees with access to a PhD program through partnerships with Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) and Symbiosis University. Each enrolled scholar is mentored by a Lupin guide and all monetary and professional support is provided. Further, they are also able to leverage our state-of-the-art laboratories to strengthen their practical skills. 35+ employees are enrolled in the program, 7 received their PhDs in FY22 and 8 new applicants are awaiting final senate presentations with MAHE.

Juilee Kulkarni, Research Associate – Pharma Research, Lupin Research Park, Pune

"I am fortunate to be part of Lupin Research Park; where we have a fully established and fully sponsored PhD. Program (ASCENT) for employees and aspirants like me. ASCENT not only sponsors our PhD. but also facilitates and supports us every step of the way! The ASCENT program management team in HR, ensures we are equipped and enabled to carry out research. I am currently pursuing my PhD. In the area of my interest – IVIVC/Biopharmaceutics. I feel privileged to have experts in the field as my guide at Lupin and at Manipal. I have several avenues to seek guidance and advise from a dedicated cross-functional expert at Lupin, apart from my guides. Over and above this, I also have the support and review of the IP team. I feel proud for being at Lupin and lucky for all the support and guidance I am receiving towards pursuing different goals, both personal and professional."

Mayur Kardile, IPMG Business Development, Lupin Research Park

Since I had a passion for Ph.D. studies, I was looking for an option to pursue this passion. At this time, I learned about Lupin’s ASCENT program. This program helped me achieve my passion while working in Lupin. The way this program is designed is commendable as it offers quality education through reputed institutes like (Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal), adequate resources, enough flexibility, and opportunity to learn more. A Ph.D. degree is always a valuable asset that one can possess; especially in the field that we work in. I have thoroughly enjoyed my research and ASCENT has played a vital role. The structure of program is suitable for working professionals without compromising on quality of education, or the career. It has helped me acquire more knowledge while I continued to be employed. I am really fortunate to have had the opportunity to earn a Ph.D. degree while working. Being a Lupinytt with a Doctorate is a very special moment. I will cherish this achievement always.

Rewards & Recognition

To nurture an entrepreneurial spirit and encourage excellence in all we do, we believe in the importance of recognizing and appreciating our employees. At the center of this action is the belief that our employees are the foundation of our success and recognizing their contributions is critical to organizational growth. To this end, we have undertaken over 10+ initiatives across our 10 offices. A few notable examples of our awards and recognition programs include:

The Desh Bandhu Gupta Spirit of Lupin Awards

Each Lupinytt has the responsibility to embody the Spirit of Lupin and carry out their daily roles and responsibilities in a manner that embodies our six core values. The Desh Bandhu Gupta Spirit of Lupin Awards was instituted after our founder to recognize and appreciate these qualities in our people. Recipients are provided with a trophy and a certificate from senior leadership. As a value driven award, it is the embodiment of the Lupin Spirit and is the apex award at Lupin, designed to recognize and reinforce our value driven approach.

Bravo Awards

This award credits employees for a job well done.

Long Service Awards

This award recognizes long-term service of our employees at the global level.

In order to ensure, a supportive and healthy working environment, our employees, regardless of their gender, are compensated fairly and equitably.
The table below provides gender-wise details on minimum wages paid to employees in India25:

The commitment to fair and equitable payment is further demonstrated through the median payment maintained across categories of employees. The following table provides details on the same for India:

Diversity and Inclusion26

Lupin is committed to fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion in our workforce, enabling our people to utilize their diverse talents and skills. We pride ourselves on being champions of equality and encouraging and maintaining an environment of collaboration. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is strengthened through various initiatives that carry the promise of access and opportunities for support and collaboration. Some of these are:

Lupin's Women Network

The Lupin Women’s Network (LWN) was formed with the vision of a holistic platform for women at Lupin to engage and interact. The main objective of LWN centers around employee engagement and culture building, as well as enablement and development. It provides a psychological safety net for women employees. The network provides employees with a sense of belonging and acknowledgement. This initiative offers visibility to our employees and access to opportunities for adequate representation.

"The Lupin Women’s Network, LWN is a unique and innovative initiative which plays a great supportive role for all the women employees of Lupin. Being a part of LWN has always helped me to aspire, connect, stay motivated and recognise my strengths and explore various avenues. It truly has helped to break the bias and support workplace diversity at Lupin. I always get the opportunity to explore myself above and beyond my professional identity.

The most recent example is the Women’s Cricket Tournament - Udaan Cup, which was one such platform which drove me to take up Cricket, enhance my leadership and team player skills as the captain.

The Udaan cup was a very exciting event. Being a part of the first ever Women’s Udaan cup and wining it was a wonderful experience. Having a recreational and healthy activity along with office routine work and then the team formation, little bit of strategic planning giving each team member the much-needed motivating which precipitated into a high energy and winning performance in the tournament by our team - Biotech Indians! It filled me with positivity and pride! A great feeling while receiving the award and medal in spite having tired legs. I am very thankful to the Udaan and LWN teams for this experience and platform.

Participating in the Udaan Cup taught me several things, starting with accepting challenges in life and overcoming them – they in turn reflect that we, especially women are capable of anything as long as we set our hearts to it and take on responsibility. I am so proud that the entire women’s cricket team led by example and came out shinning as ambassadors of LWN at Lupin!"

Returnity — Returning Mother’s Program

This program has been designed to act as a platform for career transition arising out of maternity. The end purpose of this program is to ensure that returning mothers can smoothly navigate their maternity journey and get re-integrated at work. It also ensures that employees who are returning are provided with the necessary support needed to reorient themselves and take proactive steps towards realizing their potential. This program has several advantages including fostering a culture of collaboration and inclusivity, increased ownership post maternity, greater retention, opportunities for greater engagement of other employees, organizational goodwill, and enhanced employer branding. To further inclusion, the program also extends to new fathers.

"On initial days, coming back to work felt like, I was on rollercoaster of emotions, positive as well as negative. Lupin’s Returnity program has played key role in my transition back to work. Returnity focused on noticing returning mom’s emotions and provided the support we needed to cope with them. I felt very lucky to have discussions with women who have successfully overcome this phase of their lives. Moreover, it also provided us with the platform to share our thoughts and speak out. As a result, I was able to work on finding real time solutions to problems. I also had an opportunity of one-on-one coaching. This was such a wonderful and re-assuring experience because I could have my specific needs addressed by my coach. The process helped me gain confidence and was instrumental in my transition."

iMpact-Women's Mentoring Program

This program has been specially curated with a model that encourage Lupin’s leaders to be cultivated as mentors. Under this, handpicked senior leaders of Lupin are enabled through curated workshops to develop their mentoring skills prior to having their mentees assigned. It also acts as a platform for women employees to seek support and guidance from senior management.

"The journey with IMPACT Mentorship programme has been enlightening for me. I had joined this program wanting to learn more about the organisation, it’s working and to learn how to improve myself. From the beginning of this programme, the Mentees and their goals were given priority. I was thoroughly surprised that there existed a program where I was able to seek guidance on the thing that I wanted to improve! I had the opportunity to be mentored by Ms Mukti Yenprediwar. Her rich experience in the field of Quality Assurance allowed me to understand the technicalities of my field i.e. Regulatory Affairs better. Being a fresher, I really appreciated her patience and continuous follow ups with me to assure being constantly aligned to my goals and objectives. Her guidance on time management and tips on increasing productivity and efficiency have been very useful to me. I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor. I would highly recommend anyone looking for mentorship to enrol for this program without hesitation!"

Moumita Roy
Officer, Regulatory Affairs

“When I started my iMPACT journey, I was not sure of how this program would turn out; what exactly to expect, what would be the outcome, how easy or tough this would be! Today when I look back, I feel so glad that I was a part of this amazing mentoring program! My mentor (Mr. Himanshu Godbole) has been such a good listener who never gave up on hearing out all my troubles and helping me find a path through it. He was very approachable, and we had really good discussions ranging from behavioral to soft skills to technical. This really helped me to realign my focus and have a positive approach. I am so thankful to Lupin and the HR team for conducting this session and allowing me to be a part of it.”

Chaitrali Kishor Dhamne

Gender Sensitization Program

This plays a crucial role in fostering an inclusive and healthy work environment for all employees. The design of this program incorporates actions to challenge possible biases and provide solutions on mitigation of the same. It acts as a critical transition point program ‘The First Time Managers’ and is also conducted during Lupin’s Orientation/Induction sessions.

Fair Recruitment Practices

Alignment to all applicable laws and guidelines on anti-discrimination practices is ensured across our global offices. In Brazil, this alignment has been formalized through the SOP HR 001 Recruitment and Selection. This SOP establishes that recruitment is undertaken on the basis of the competency of the candidate and relevance to the job description solely.

Along with our D&I initiatives, Lupin is committed to ensuring our workforce has adequate gender representation.
Up until now, our workforce across operations in 11 countries consists of:

With respect to the Board of Directors, across our 11 geographies, a total of 6 female employees are Board of Directors. In India, the following table provides details on the number of female employees who constitute the Board of Directors and Key Managerial Personnel29:

Hiring and On-boarding

While there are variations in regional and national laws for employment, there are core principles that guide the end-to-end recruitment process at Lupin. The process adopted can broadly be categorized as: identify the requirement, source and assess the talent, and build capacities through on-boarding.

As a core function for Human Capital, recruitment is conducted by upholding our values such as integrity and transparency. Across our global offices, we follow an equal opportunity approach that puts our candidates at the core of our recruiting process. During the first stage, we undertake a rigorous analysis of the job requirement with the specification, and desired qualification. This enables the Lupin team to identify the gap that needs to be bridged. After identification of the gap, we source the candidates through various channels such as LinkedIn and Indeed. com, among others.

The candidates are further assessed through an approach of Competency Based Behavioral Interviewing. Prior to selection of the candidates, we undertake a reference check and initiate the on-boarding process. Our on-boarding process focuses on building capacities of the selected candidates through undertaking a tailor-made program befitting the role, and providing clear job requirements.

Our hiring process allows us to attract new talent and retain our core workforce. We aim to attract professionals from diverse fields that strengthens our capacities and capabilities in the pharmaceutical industry. This is exemplified by our total number of 4,625 new hires across various employee categories.

Total New Joiners (FY22)

Our flagship new joinee program, Udbhav, lays out the roadmap for all new employees and gives them an opportunity to familiarize themselves with Lupin’s culture. The overarching objective of this program is to provide new employees with a sense of belonging and initiate their learning journey within the organization. For FY22, 4,625 new employees participated in this program.

While orientation and retention are all about making new employees feel at home,

we also believe it is important to help our employees understand and get attuned to the organizational culture. The Buddy program at Lupin has proven to be a great tool to assist both of these objectives. Through the Buddy program, new joinees are able to immediately add value and become more productive, owing to a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities. We currently have close to 750 active buddies in the organization assisting the assimilation of new joinees.

Ensuring Employee Health and Safety

At Lupin, regular and focused efforts are made to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for our employees. Our facilities are designed in accordance with the highest safety standards and state-of the-art safety controls. Concerted efforts are also made to implement training and capacity building sessions for all our employees to generate awareness and nurture individual responsibility towards health and safety practices.

Our Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Policy articulates our philosophy and commitment for the management of key EHS aspects. All our active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) sites, except Vizag (soon to be added), have been provided with International Safety Rating Systems. Similar systems have been instituted at all formulation units, Biotech, Vizag site and Research and Development locations. Occupational health and safety risks are regularly and proactively identified through systems of Hazard

Identification and Risk Assessment at all our locations. This enables us to identify risks and ensure that policy and control measures are activated to manage identified risks within permissible limits. Additional risk assessments include HAZOP for API products and processes, Risk Assessments for Formulation Units and daily Job Safety Analysis. This is supported by a robust governance mechanism that carries out periodical reviews at a Business President level30. For FY21 and FY22, NIL complaints were filed by employees and workers amongst the Indian workforce on working conditions and health and safety issues31.

Along with risk identification, we also have an Incident Management System for reporting, investigating and implementation of appropriate remedial actions. The system allows for reporting of all incidents, including near-miss and potential hazards. For FY22 and FY21, the following table provides details on safety-related incidents32:

Our workforce is provided with regular training on our Safety Management Systems. Our workforce underwent 551,837 hours and 650,698 hours of health and safety training in FY21 and FY22 respectively33. We also have dedicated EHS units at all our sites to ensure that Safety Management Systems are well established. The systems are also linked with annual performance appraisals, wherein we set year on year targets to enhance overall safety performance. A monthly review mechanism on EHS performance at the site level and corporate level is conducted to ensure that all constraints are identified, and improvement measures are planned and established. Annual audits are also performed to ensure the effectiveness of all established procedures34.

We have further enhanced our efforts through our commitment to a 10% year on year reduction in the Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR), Severity Rate, Accident Frequency Rate, and Incident Frequency Rate, taking FY20 as the base year. The Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and the progress achieved against them are regularly monitored.

We have also operationalized the Employee Health and Safety Travel policy for COVID-19 across all our operations. Ensuring the highest degree of compliance to regulations as well as our stringent internal Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) helps us to prevent occurrence of unforeseen events. This is fundamental to our corporate well-being, which enables us to achieve excellence while creating value for our company and stakeholders.

Further, we strongly believe that overall physical and mental wellbeing of our employees is critical to their success and growth. Focused efforts are undertaken for training on physical and mental wellbeing for our workforce. They are also able to avail medication and counselling services by qualified medical professionals. We also conduct regular health awareness campaigns on hypertension, diabetes, tobacco cessation, among others. Through our We Care Program, we have helped our workforce access counselling services. We also have a partnership with 1to1, a leading emotional wellness partner, to extend the support for the wellbeing to our workforce.

Inculcating a Culture of Employee Engagement

Our approach to enabling the right culture is demonstrated through several initiatives that we offer our employees. This fosters employee engagement.

The overarching objective of all our employee initiatives is to promote and maintain a value-driven workforce. A few notable examples are:

As a core value of the company, respect and care for our employees is also shown through the provision of special leave support. This provides them with the flexibility to address their personal requirements in a hassle-free manner. Some of these include parental leave, leave in case of weddings/relocation, and leave in case of death or illness. For FY22, the total number of employees36 that were entitled to parental leave stood at 15,877. Out of this, the male employees entitled parental leave stood 14,560 and female employees stood at 1,317. For FY22, 758 employees availed parental leave. Out of this, the male employees who availed the parental leave stood at 681 and female employees stood at 77. In a similar vein, the employees that returned to work in the reporting period after parental leave ended stood at 746 employees37. The retention rate at Lupin was 89.5% for FY22. The total number of employees who continued to stay at Lupin for over a year since returning to work from parental leave was 668. With respect to India38, 1,068 permanent female workforce and 14,652 permanent male workforce were entitled to maternity and paternity benefits respectively. The retention rate stood at 90% and return to work rate stood at 100% in India39. We also provide benefits in the form of Health Insurance, Accidental Insurance, Day Care Facilities, Marriage Leave and Bereavement Leave40.

We also provide our employees with a range of monetary retirement benefits to enable them to secure their future. The table below provides details on the uptake of such benefits by our Indian workforce for FY21 and FY2241:

Grievance Redressal

The commitment to fostering a culture that prioritizes employee well-being and safety is further strengthened through our robust mechanism for complaint and grievance redressal42. Lupin has a Whistle Blower Policy which provides a formal mechanism to all employee, with either permanent, probationary, trainee, retainer, temporary or contractual appointment to report any actual or suspected concerns related to Violation of the Code of Conduct or any other unethical behavior. We also have in place Internal Committees for handling the grievances arising out of sexual harassment at the workplace thereby, adhering to the Prevention of Sexual Harassment Act. At Lupin, we believe in protecting the privacy of our people and all concerns of discrimination and harassment are dealt with confidentially43. For FY22, the number of cases reported/pending44 for resolution stood at nil45.

Freedom of Association46

Aligned with our commitment to provide a holistic environment for our employees, we enable them to join associations or unions. For FY21 and FY22, the following table details membership details across our Indian workforce:


Driving Compliance

We also ensure strict compliance with local laws and regulations and international guidelines on Human Rights issues such as sexual harassment, child labour, forced labour, wages, among other. Regular internal monitoring is undertaken to ensure that compliance is maintained. For FY22, no observations from local statutory bodies/third parties have been reported from such assessments47.

Global HR Policies

The foundation of our human capital management approach rests on our robust policies. These policies help foster an environment characterized by a strong and diverse workforce. Some of the notable policies are: