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Lupin operates in a highly competitive, demanding, dynamic and diverse markets, in which we need to continuously distinguish ourselves from our peers and competitions through differentiated products. We consider research in advanced drug delivery technologies as the cradle for ideas and innovations for the development of high entry barrier products in inhalation, injectable, ophthalmic and oral space. Such technologies and products with high degree of complexities not only act as a key differentiator but also serve as growth drivers for the company and at the same time transform the patient experience.

In oral space we have developed and successfully commercialized various drug delivery platforms and technologies for enhanced oral absorption based on nano milling, for extended release once daily applications based on matrix and reservoir coating designs including osmotic systems, drug-resin complexation, and multiparticulate systems that are designed to provide site specific tailor made drug release kinetics in vivo. In ophthalmics we have developed, commercialized or patent protected products based on hydrogel, suspension, in-situ gelling and micro/ nanoemulsion technologies. Product based on micro & nano encapsulation-based depots injection technologies are currently in clinical trial stage. In inhalation space our product portfolios include MDI, pDPI, nasal solutions, suspension & sprays with high degree complexity in device design and packaging.