Return Goods Policy - Generic Products  

Effective July 1, 2013:

Lupin Pharmaceuticals, Inc (LPI) is committed to excellence in customer service and satisfaction. Should you need to return goods, please send product and debit memo(s) to GENCO Healthcare Logistics and follow the instructions below

GENCO Healthcare Logistics
North 64th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53218
Phone: 1-8OO-950-5479
Fax: 414-459-8791

Returnable Items:

Returns include the following manufacturer's labeler code (68180) only.
Products with less than 6 months remaining shelf life.
Expired products that are not more than 12 months past expiration date.
Concealed damage claims made within 10 days of receipt.
Products that have been damaged in transit with a signed BOL noting the damage and where LPI has been notified within five (5) business days from the date of receipt and returned within 30 days.
Products shipped in error on the part of LPI provided LPI Customer Service is notified of the error within five (5) business days of receipt.

Non-Returnable Items:

Products with more than six (6) months remaining shelf life.
Products retained more than twelve (12) months beyond expiration date.
Private Label products, repacked goods or patient labeled product.
Products with missing label or with missing lot number and/or expiration date or products marked, coded or adulterated in any way.
Products sold on a non - returnable basis.
Partial product for suspensions, liquids, powders, solutions, ointments.
Products sold as free goods or products provided at no charge for promotional incentives, samples or short-dated products sold as such.
Products damaged due to insurable causes such as fire or natural disasters, or if damaged/deteriorated due to improper handling or storage by the customer.
Products involved in distressed, sacrifice, fire, flood or bankruptcy sale.
Overstock, unless agreed by LPI in writing.
Products not purchased directly from LPI.
Products purchased or distributed contrary to federal, state or local laws.


Transportation charges on all returned goods are the responsibility of the customer except when due to a LPI error, as determined by LPI.

Third Party Processing:

Third party processors must comply with all requirements of LPI's Return Goods Policy.
LPI will not process returns using pricing from the third party's internally generated price list.
LPI will not reimburse any service fees to the customer of processing agent for the miscellaneous fees (i.e., handling, processing fees) or freight charges incurred.
Third party returns must be in compliance with LPI's return policy

Terms of Policy:

For direct customers, LPI will issue credit for returns that will be calculated at the lower of the original invoice price or current contract price.
For direct customers returning non-contract product purchased indirectly, credit will be given at a calculated average contract price.
For third party customers, the return will be valued and a check issued at calculated average contract price.
LPI reserves the right to make the final determination on the valuation of the return.
Full bottles will be issued full credit.
Partial bottles will be issued partial credit based on an exact count methodology.
LPI will not accept deductions from invoices for returns but will instead issue a credit memo. Please do not make any deductions from remittances in anticipation of credit.
Return good credit must be taken within one year of date of issue.
Proof of return is the customer's responsibility.

Procedure for returning goods:

GENCO does not require a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) to return product. Please send product along with a debit memo directly to GENCO. Please provide the following information:

Customer name, street address, account #, DEA # and e-mail address
Wholesaler name, street address, account # and e-mail address
Product name, NDC#, Quantity and Lot #
Expiration date.


LPI does not pay or reimburse fees incurred for the processing of or destruction of products processed through a third party returns processing company.
Products that do not qualify for credit or reimbursement will be destroyed and not returned to the customer. Customer will be notified of non-credited items.
LPI reserves the right to change or update this policy upon written notice to customers.


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