Lupin’s Intellectual Property Management Group (IPMG) is responsible for creating, securing and leveraging advanced research to build a high-value portfolio of patents, products and research pipeline products.

Lupin has built up a strong portfolio of IP assets by filing 430 ANDAs and 7 NDAs to date, of which 273 and 4 respectively have been approved by the U.S. FDA.

430 ANDAs
7 NDAs
43 FTF (first-to-file) applications
Global patent management processes

IPMG is active globally. We have filed 11 generic products in other advanced markets including EMEA (Europe, South Africa and Russia), APAC (Japan and Australia), LATAM (Mexico and Brazil) and Canada, and have received 10 approvals in these geographies.

IPMG also successfully manages patent challenges in patent offices and courts all around the world.