Research and Development

Technological progress and scientific advancements continue to transform lives and disrupt businesses. Additionally, pharmaceutical business paradigms are also being impacted by factors beyond the conventional forces such as aging populations, spiraling healthcare costs, increase in chronic diseases or change in disease patterns. The industry needs to embrace new advances in digital technology, communications, systems and software. The global pharmaceutical industry is on the cusp of an era of significant transformation.

The world of life sciences is converging like never before and the convergence of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical technology would improve outcomes that could dramatically alter drug development and delivery.

Lupin's investments in Research and Development (R&D) have helped us gain a leadership position in differentiated product introductions and become a formidable player in the generics space. It forms the base for further successes as we emerge gradually as a specialty pharmaceutical player. These investments are calibrated for risks and appropriate returns and encompass not merely the developed markets like US, Europe and Japan but also the emerging markets.

With a solid team of 1,700 scientists and technologists employed at our state-of-the art facilities in India and abroad, we are well on track to emerge as an innovation led transnational pharmaceutical powerhouse providing affordable healthcare solutions with uncompromising quality. Lupin's research scientists have a proven track record of delivering high quality technology intensive products, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Formulations and newer dispensation forms.

In keeping with our focus on research led financial growth, we have increased investments in Research & Development in the current fiscal to Rs. 23,101 million, which is 13.5% of our global revenues. This continues to drive our efforts in finding novel solutions and ramp up efforts on a range of delivery systems spanning multiple concepts and solutions.

The scientists work closely with the respective business teams to generate innovative concepts and ideas, exploiting both the unmet market and synergies across therapeutic areas. We focus on areas like complex generics, Novel Drug Discovery and Development (NDDD) and Biotechnology.

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