At Lupin, we deeply appreciate the invaluable contributions of our employees in driving the company’s success and achieving business objectives. We place significant emphasis on the well-being of our workforce, clients, and the quality of our products. To achieve this, we have established a value system that revolves around our culture. Our aim is to foster a culture that promotes creativity and excellence, providing our employees with the necessary tools to unleash their full potential and continuously improve.

We also understand the significance of upskilling and empowering our employees to tackle existing and future challenges in the pharmaceutical industry. Through our investment in learning opportunities, we ensure that our workforce remains equipped to navigate the evolving landscape. This approach strengthens and nurtures our human capital, enabling us to retain highly skilled and talented professionals who generate value for all stakeholders.



Strong Workforce


Women in Our Total Workforce

65 Mn

Investment Made for Training and Development


Average Training Hours per Employee


Total Hours Spent on Training an Development


at the lowest inlast 4 years

30872 Mn

Employee Benefits Expense


Total Hours Spent on Health and Safety Training

Our Workforce

We value the significance of diversity in age, gender, experience, and nationality within our workforce. We recognize that this diversity brings a multitude of perspectives, giving us a competitive advantage. With employees in 11 countries, we strive to cultivate an inclusive environment that empowers a diverse workforce to harness the power of various viewpoints, understand local realities, and effectively respond to industry demands.

Our commitment to inclusive hiring practices has enabled us to tap into a wide-ranging talent pool. Of our ~20,500 permanant employees, this year women accounted for 9%.

These numbers exclude the newly incorporated subsidiaries of Lupin Diagnostics and Lupin Digital Health which employed 430 and 85 permanent employees, respectively. The data will be reflected granularly from FY24 considering the nascent stage of HR operations for these subsidiaries.

Our Global Workforce (excluding North America) in 2023*

Global Workforce

Our North America Workforce in 2023

North America Workforce

Hiring and Retention

Our transparent and merit-based recruitment process prioritizes the evaluation of candidates based on their abilities and aptitudes. Our competency-centered behavioral interviewing technique allows us to gain a comprehensive understanding of candidates’ character and potential contributions. To ensure a diverse talent pool, we leverage various channels including, campus recruitment and employee referrals, enabling us to reach a broad range of candidates. In India, 39% of the positions were filled with internal candidates. Both freshers and lateral hires are offered equal opportunities, and we diligently work to ensure that profiles presented for each position adequately represent diversity candidates. Through these efforts, we are actively cultivating a culture of inclusivity and diversity within our organization.

Total Hires (excluding North America) in FY23

Total Hires

Total Turnover (excluding North America) in FY23

Total Turnover

Total Hires & Turnover (North America) in FY23

Total Hires & Turnover

Total Employee Turnover (India) in FY23

Total Employee Turnover

Enabling Impact from the Get Go

At the core of our organizational philosophy is a people-centered approach, which serves as the driving force behind our higher-than-average retention rates. We are proud to foster a culture where every individual feels a strong sense of belonging, inclusion, and value. To support our employees’ growth and well-being, we offer comprehensive suite of tools and benefits. This includes performance-linked incentives that recognize and reward their contributions, tax-saving allowances that enhance their financial well-being, and access to professional development funding that empowers them to advance in their careers. We place a strong emphasis on equity and fairness in compensation, ensuring that our employees are duly recognized and remunerated for their hard work. By prioritizing these aspects, we create an environment that nurtures and supports our employees, contributing to their long-term engagement and success within our organization.

Enabling a Culture of Acceptance, Diversity, and Inclusion

At the heart of our organization’s values lays the commitment to cultivate a culture of acceptance, diversity, and inclusion. We firmly believe in creating an inclusive workplace where equality prevails, irrespective of gender, age, race, or sexual orientation.

Discrimination has no place within our organization, and we maintain a zero-tolerance policy toward all forms of discrimination, including sexual discrimination. We actively encourage employees, contractors, and suppliers to report any instances of discrimination they witness. We promptly and effectively address these reports, ensuring that appropriate action is taken.

As an equal opportunity employer, we have established our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policy, along with our Lupin Global Diversity Strategy FY27. These initiatives position us as leaders in promoting equal opportunities and fostering a diverse workforce.

Currently, our women’s representation in the labor force stands at 9%. However, we have set an ambitious target to achieve 15% representation of women in our total workforce by 2027, demonstrating our strong commitment to gender parity. We are actively pursuing this goal through our robust gender champions program and the dedicated efforts of our diversity council.

Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

Tailor-Made Diversity Initiatives
Across Our Global Regions

United States

  • Implemented mandatory anti-harassment training for all employees to foster a safe and respectful environment.
  • Training provided during onboarding and periodic refreshers, ensuring that all employees are equipped with the knowledge to prevent harassment and discrimination.
  • Committed to complying with applicable laws to prevent any form of discrimination and maintain a workplace that upholds equality and fairness.


  • Actively participate in events around Women’s Day, Pride Month, and Men’s Day to celebrate and promote diversity and inclusion.
  • Our Group wide policy firmly ensures no discrimination based on personal characteristics, fostering an inclusive environment.
  • Our Engagement survey indicate a lack of discrimination in the region.
  • We have established a dedicated diversity and inclusion committee called ‘FOR ALL’ which works towards creating an inclusive culture for all employees.


  • We prioritize the representation of women in the workforce, recognizing the importance of gender diversity.
  • Currently, 47% of employees in the region are women, surpassing legal requirements and showcasing our dedication to gender equality.
  • Our regional policy emphasizes hiring women with equal skillsets, ensuring a fair and equal opportunity for all candidates.
  • Through focused efforts, we have achieved remarkable gender representation within our workforce, contributing to a more inclusive workplace.

Diversity and Inclusion by the Numbers

One of our key goals is to ensure equal pay for both men and women, as we are committed to achieving gender equality pay ratio of 1:1. We recognize the importance of closing the gender pay gap and fostering a workplace where compensation is based on skills, qualifications, and contributions rather than gender. Through our efforts, we strive to create a fair and inclusive environment where all employees are valued and rewarded equitably, regardless of their gender.

Gender Representation Across Employee Groups in FY23
Lupin's Gender Pay Indicators

Developing a Future-Ready Workforce

We recognize the significance of continuous upskilling and reskilling to stay ahead in the ever-changing industry landscape. To that end, we have fostered a culture that prioritizes learning and development for all our employees.

Employee Training and Development

In the FY23, our commitment to employee growth and development resulted in a remarkable 1,711,297 hours of training provided to Lupin employees. On average, each full-time employee received 90 hours of training during this period, underscoring our dedication to equipping our workforce with the necessary skills and knowledge.

Furthermore, we have made investments in training initiatives across geographies, allocating ₹65,309,761 to support our employees’ development in FY23. This translates to an average expenditure of ₹3,442 per fulltime employee across these regions, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to fostering a future-ready workforce across our global operations.

At Lupin, we prioritize the development of our employees at all levels, recognizing that their growth and skills are integral to our success. To facilitate this, we have partnership with OpenSesame®, offering our employees access to a wide array of courses and resources.

Through this collaboration, our employees enjoy complimentary access to over 25,000 courses covering various areas of expertise. This extensive library includes specialized training programs on leadership development, equipping our employees with the necessary skills to lead and inspire others. Additionally, we provide e-learning courses focused on health and safety, ensuring that our workforce remains knowledgeable and compliant with industry standards. We are fully committed to ensuring that our workforce possesses the necessary expertise and tools to perform their roles effectively and contribute to the organization’s growth and success..


We take immense pride in our employee development, ASCENT, designed to propel our employees to new heights in research and development. Through strategic partnerships with leading universities MAHE and Symbiosis University, our employees have the opportunity to pursue Ph.D. programs.

Participants receive unparalleled mentorship and guidance from Lupin guides. They also benefit from complete financial and professional support. Our cutting-edge laboratories provide a platform for enhancing practical skills and enriching academic experiences.

In FY23, 23 employees are currently enrolled, and two individuals have successfully obtained their Ph.D. degrees. Additionally, three aspiring applicants are in the final senate presentations with MAHE. This initiative reflects our commitment to developing a workforce of industry leaders that will drive innovation and progress for years to come.

Compliance Training

At Lupin, we prioritize the education of our employees regarding our values, aspirations, and purpose. As part of this commitment, we provide comprehensive orientation sessions that cover various company policies essential to maintaining a strong ethical foundation.

Our orientation sessions include in-depth training on our Code of Conduct, Business Ethics, Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) guidelines, and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) guidelines. These GMPs encompass regulations such as 21 CFR Part 211, ICH-Q7, Data Integrity, Data Governance, and an overview of Pharmacovigilance, ensuring that employees understand and adhere to the necessary regulations specific to their roles. Upholding these policies and guidelines is critical to our commitment to ethical conduct and the delivery of high-quality products and services.

Management-Focused Training

At Lupin, we understand the pivotal role that exceptional leadership plays in propelling our business forward. To cultivate effective leaders, we have developed the Lupin Leadership Competencies and Values Framework. This framework serves as the foundation for tailored training programs that aim to enhance the leadership skills of our employees, empowering them to drive positive change within their respective roles.

In India, one of our notable programs is the Leader Plus program, which focuses on developing and strengthening the supervisory skills of grassroots leaders. This program has garnered remarkable success, with 67 employees actively participating in FY23. By equipping our leaders with the necessary tools and knowledge, we foster an environment of collaboration and empower them to effectively navigate their responsibilities and contribute to the organization’s success.

Quality First - A Unique Approach to Quality Management

ELITE is a comprehensive program designed to enhance managerial and leadership capabilities. It includes psychometric assessments, team activities, workshops, development clusters, action learning projects, coaching, and more. The Learning and Development team leads over 90% of the activities, integrating external expert inputs for impactful results.

ELITE offers a personalized approach, addressing the unique needs of each leader to improve skills, decision-making, and drive overall success.

Number of Participants
Year Initiated

Intended Outcome and Impact

  • Promotions: 10% of participants promoted to Heads of Departments, showcasing effective identification and development of future leaders.
  • Increased Production: Production increased from 80% to 94%, driving operational excellence and efficiency.
  • Positive Behavior Shift: Average positive behavior shift of 16%, with cross-functional collaboration and managerial communication being the most impacted.
  • Second Line Development: 40% of participants were second-line leaders, contributing to a strong leadership pipeline.
  • Improved Root Cause Identification: ELITE facilitated a 17% improvement in lab error root cause identification, addressing departmental silos.
  • Action Plan Closure: 41% increase in closure of action plans, ensuring effective implementation of corrective and preventive actions (CAPA) of 30%.
  • Enhanced Business Strategies: Program aided in developing sustainable business strategies, resulting in decreased wastewater production from 720 KLD to 640 KLD, promoting environmental sustainability.

In addition to the ELITE program, our organization offers a range of development opportunities and programs that are tailored to different leadership levels. These initiatives aim to enhance the skills and capabilities of our managers at various stages of their careers. Here are some notable programs:

  • First Time Managers, LEAP, and LEAD: These training programs specifically cater to entry-level and first-level managers, providing them with the necessary supervisory and technical abilities. These programs have taken by 68 participants, equipping them with the skills needed for effective people management.
  • Area Managers Excellence: This eight-month program is designed to equip area managers with the skills required to maintain brand standards and deliver exceptional customer service standards. 65 participants have enrolled in this program, benefiting from enhanced leadership capabilities and an increased ability to drive operational excellence.

These development programs demonstrate our commitment to nurturing and developing leaders at all levels of the organization. By providing tailored training opportunities, we empower our managers to excel in their roles, drive performance, and contribute to the overall success of the organization.

Our Programs in Action - Insights in Leader PLUS

This program is designed to empower young leaders by addressing their soft skills gap and providing them with valuable insights and tools to enhance their leadership capabilities. By focusing on areas such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving, we help young leaders develop a fresh approach to leadership.

One of the key aspects of the program is creating a safe and supportive environment where young leaders can explore their strengths and weaknesses. Through constructive feedback and guidance, they can identify areas for improvement and develop personalized action plans to strengthen their leadership skills.

In addition to soft skills development, the program also equips grass-root leaders with supervisory skills necessary to drive team performance at the ground level. By gaining expertise in delegation, motivation, conflict resolution, and performance management, participants can effectively lead their teams and achieve optimal outcomes.

Intended Outcomes

Participating in this program offers young leaders is an excellent opportunity to enhance their leadership skills. It provides practical guidance and support enabling them to drive performance and make a positive impact at all levels of the organization.


  • System Improvement: We have successfully completed 79 projects focused on improving systems and processes within our organisation.
  • Productivity Enhancement: Through 18 projects, we have achieved significant enhancements in productivity.
  • Cost Saving: Across 33 projects, we have realized a significant cost-saving.
Number of Participants
Year Initiated

Global Talent Management & Leadership Development

Lupin has implemented a comprehensive Global Talent Management and Leadership Development program anchored on the eight Lupin Leadership Competencies. Through a feedback process and a psychometric tool, talent assessment is conducted for senior to mid-level management employees. Top talent is identified and career planning, as well as succession planning for critical roles, are established outcomes. Leadership development programs are designed and delivered to address the development needs identified. Individual leaders also create and implement Individual Development Plans, which are reviewed bi-annually. This program reflects Lupin’s commitment to nurturing and developing talent, ensuring a strong leadership pipeline and driving organizational success.

One of the highlights of this year was the launch of Lupin’s Talent Management Portal, a platform that leverages the Internet of Behaviors to empower our managers by unleashing their full potential. This platform helps us by:

  • Assessing Potential: Conducting assessments that evaluate our managers’ competencies using feedback and psychometric tests.
  • Accentuating Potential: Providing data that indicates our managers’ potential and performance, as well as the areas for improvement and growth.
  • Accelerating Potential: Creating development plans that help our managers enhance their skills and achieve their goals.

Almost 900 senior- to mid-management employees completed the assessment. This platform puts us on the path to achieve our vision of becoming a global leader in the pharmaceutical industry.

Enhancing Capabilities Through Engagement and Care

Performance Reviews

At Lupin, we have implemented a robust performance review system that fosters growth and development. Our unique 9-box framework-based process objectively evaluates achievements and addresses development needs. Through our feedback system, we gather constructive input aligned with our values.

To ensure ongoing engagement, we conduct performance reviews multiple times throughout the year, providing ample opportunities for employees to interact with their managers and senior leaders. Our Individual Development Program (IDP) program facilitates collaborative discussions between employees and their reporting managers, enabling the creation of tailored development programs that enhance individual skills and competencies.

Our Performance Conversation Documents track progress in predefined Key Result Areas (KRAs), enabling us to identify development needs and provide necessary support. We are proud to have achieved a 100% performance review rate for both male and female employees in India during FY23, reflecting our commitment to equitable and comprehensive performance evaluation processes.

These employee engagement initiatives reflect our commitment to creating a supportive and fulfilling work environment, where our employees can thrive and contribute to Lupin’s continued success.

Sports Activities – Udaan Cup 2023

Udaan Cup 2023: The women’s cricket tournament held in Pune was a thrilling event that brought together talented female cricketers from different parts of the country to compete against each other.

The tournament consisted of four teams, each with a mix of experienced players and young talent. The teams were divided into two groups, and the matches were played at Symbiosis International University, Lavale (Pune). The top two teams from each group advanced to the semi-finals, with the winners progressing to the final.

The matches were played with great intensity, and the players displayed a high level of skill and sportsmanship. The spectators were treated to some exhilarating cricketing action, with the competition reaching its climax in the knockout stages.

The final was a closely contested affair, with two talented teams battling it out for the championship. In the end, it was the team ‘Lupin Scorchers’ that emerged victorious, winning the tournament by a slender margin and ‘Lupin Biotech Indians’ became Runner Up.


The tournament was a great success, and it provided an opportunity for female employees to showcase their abilities. It also gave Lupin Limited the chance to support and promote gender equality in sports.

Similar all-women tournaments of various sporting activities, such as soccer, badminton and volleyball, etc., have been adopted across all Lupin locations in India.

Number of Participants
Year Initiated

Supporting our Employees

At Lupin, we prioritize the well-being and support of our employees through a comprehensive range of benefits and programs. We understand that work-life balance is crucial, which is why we offer flexible options such as part-time arrangements and parental leave to cater to diverse needs. Our paid parental leave is available to both primary and secondary caregivers, with 76 of male employees and 767

of female employees utilizing this benefit in FY23. We are proud to have high return rates, with 100% of employees on paternity leave and 85.53% on maternity leave returning to work, demonstrating our commitment to a smooth transition into parenthood. Furthermore, we provide monetary retirement benefits to empower employees in planning for their future.

Additional Support Programs

Freedom of Association

We foster an environment where our employees can associate freely without concerns of reprisal, discrimination, intimidation, or harassment. As a result, we support and encourage their participation in associations or unions.

Freedom of Association

Fostering a Safe and Secure Workplace

At Lupin, the safety and security of our employees are of paramount importance to us. We have implemented robust safety management systems that adhere to global standards to ensure a safe working environment. In line with our commitment to continuous improvement, we have set targets to reduce Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR), Severity Rate, Accident Frequency Rate (AFR),

and Incident Frequency Rate. Our goal is to achieve a 10% reduction in these rates annually, starting from our baseline year in FY21. We actively promote a culture of safety, provide comprehensive training, and continually assess and enhance our safety practices to safeguard the well-being of our employees.

NMFR, Training Hours

*NMFR - Near Miss Frequency Rate

Health and Safety at Lupin

At Lupin, we prioritize the health and safety of our employees as a core value. To further strengthen our commitment, we have recently updated our Occupational Health and Safety policy, which outlines the responsibilities of everyone in our organization, including contractors, in maintaining a safe and healthy workplace. Our goal is to comply with all relevant laws and regulations while promoting the adoption of health and safety management standards throughout our Manufacturing locations, R&D units and offices. Our dedicated Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) team is entrusted with the implementation of this policy and related programs, ensuring alignment with the Board of Directors and Senior Management to integrate EHS priorities with our overall organizational objectives.

National Safety Month at Lupin

During National Safety Month, over 12,000 employees participated in safety related activities across our Indian sites. We conducted engaging activities such as mock drills, safety quizzes, firefighting exercises, and informative sessions to enhance safety awareness and equip our employees with essential skills. This event reinforces our commitment to maintaining a secure work environment for all.

To ensure effective health and safety initiatives, we conduct monthly reviews of our environmental, health, and safety (EHS) performance at both site and corporate levels. These reviews are crucial for identifying constraints and planning improvement measures.

Our sites have dedicated EHS units that facilitate safety management systems integrated with annual performance appraisals to establish safety performance targets. We take pride in the absence of employee complaints regarding working conditions or health and safety issues in FY22 and FY23. Occupational Health Systems have been implemented across all our API sites, formulation units, Biotech facilities, and Research and Development locations. We have started implementation of ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management systems) at all our India locations. Goa, Indore and Nagpur units are the first three sites on the way of certification. Rest of the units will be certified during FY24.

Our Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment systems, complemented by risk management processes, allow us to identify and implement control measures for potential risks swiftly and efficiently. We conduct HAZOP assessments for API products and processes, Risk Assessments for Formulation Units, and Job Safety Analyses to understand potential risks. The identification of hazards arising in or from the workplace and the assessment and control of the associated risks that could impair the health and well-being of workers are the key principles of the process of ensuring a safe and health workplace.

We have well established OHS management systems where in the roles and responsibilities have been well defined to successfully improve the implementation of OSH in the workplace by ensuring integration of all the business processes. The adoption of OHS management system also ensures effective participation of workers in determining and implementing preventive measures.

Following specific elements have been incorporated under the Occupational health and safety program:

  • EHS&S Policy
  • Roles and responsibilities of individual
  • The establishment and functioning of health and safety committee
  • Compliance to applicable health and safety legislation and other requirements including organizational health and safety rules
  • Guidelines on process safety (PSI, PHA etc.), workplace safety (Permit to Work, fire safety, PPE, operational controls, static prevention, electrical safety, machine safety, contractor safety, visitor safety, etc.)
  • Worker orientation
  • Training and education
  • Workplace inspections and assessments
  • Hazard identification, assessment, and control
  • Safe work procedures
  • Reporting and investigating incidents
  • Emergency Response and Control planning and conducting mock drills to check preparedness
  • Medical evaluation and first aid
  • Health and safety promotions
  • Health campaigns
  • Safety campaigns
  • EHS Reward and Recognition program for employees, contractors, contractor employees and best site performance in exemplary work in Environment and Health & Safety
  • Review of the health and safety program by conducting audits

Our Senior Management team prioritizes these systems, ensuring they receive the necessary attention and assessment. Our health and safety systems undergo rigorous internal and external audits to meet our high standards.

In the event of an incident, our Incident Management System enables thorough investigation and appropriate remedial action. We adopt a proactive approach to health and safety by continuously monitoring and reviewing our systems to ensure their ongoing relevance and effectiveness.

Safety Training

In FY22, our workforce collectively underwent 650,698 hours of health and safety training, which saw a significant increase to 738,266 hours in FY23. During FY23, we successfully trained all the employees and contract employees in various safety programs. Our comprehensive safety training covers a wide range of topics to ensure the well-being of our employees. A few examples of which are listed below:

Safety Training Module

EHS Awards & Accolade System (EHSAAS)

Over the past years, Lupin has been reinforcing commitment towards the Environment, Occupational Health and Safety (EHS), and taken great strides to conserve and improve on performance in EHS. At Lupin, all good work is noticed, and in this stead, there was a launch of Lupin Environment, Health & Safety Awards and Accolade System (EHSAAS).

EHSAAS is conceptualized to acknowledge and reward employees and third-party partners for exemplary contributions towards EHS aspects of our operations which include EHS performance improvements, GHG reduction measures, resource conservation efforts and reduction in injury illness.

We strongly believe this reward and recognition system will strengthen the EHS-driven culture at our facilities and lead us to the next level of performance.

The FY23 awards in various categories were successfully awarded to the winners.

Human Rights

At Lupin, the protection and promotion of human rights are core principles that guide our business practices. We are deeply committed to upholding and respecting human rights, including the eradication of forced labour, child labour, and modern slavery through our business operations. This commitment extends not only to our direct activities but also to our suppliers and partners. As part of our ongoing commitment, we have recently become a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and aligned ourselves with its principles. Through this engagement, we reaffirm our dedication to supporting and adhering to human rights standards as outlined in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and the International Labor Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work (ILO Declaration). We have implemented a comprehensive Human Rights Policy. To ensure continuous safeguarding of human rights within our operations, including the prevention of human trafficking, forced labor, child labor, and discrimination. This policy serves as a robust foundation for our commitment and guides our actions. Additionally, we have also conducted extensive awareness campaigns that cover all employees, including the senior leadership. Within our Indian operations, we have identified 93 employees as Trainers and Lead Implementors of Human Rights. They serve as the Human Rights champions, ensuring the effective implementation of our policy in their respective location/function.

Human Rights Assessment

We began with the Lupin Bioresearch Centre as the pioneering site for this comprehensive assessment format, followed by the Lupin Research Park, Biotech, Lupin Diagnostics, and Aurangabad facility. Over the next year, we plan to extend these audits to cover all our sites, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of our human rights practices throughout the organization.

The audits signify our commitment to promoting and safeguarding human rights within our operations. They provide insights for improvement, helping us address gaps and enhance our practices for the well-being and dignity of all individuals involved.

This marks a significant milestone in our responsible and ethical practices. We will extend these audits to cover all our sites.

As an outcome of the Human Rights Assessment Audits, Lupin Research Park, Lupin Biotech and Lupin Diagnostics Limited have been awarded a Platinum rating and Lupin Bioresearch Centre has received gold rating.

During the Human Rights Assessment Audits, our sites underwent a thorough evaluation against key parameters essential for ensuring human rights excellence. These parameters include:

  • Non-Discrimination
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Forced Labour & Human Trafficking
  • Child Labour
  • Freedom of Association & Right to Collective Bargaining
  • Fair Wages, Equal Remuneration, and Benefits
  • Anti-Harassment
  • Environment, Health & Safety
  • Community Engagement
  • Reporting Concerns
  • Non-Retaliation

Our Long-Term Mission and Roadmap

At Lupin, we are committed to a future-oriented approach in our operations. As we continue to embed human rights principles throughout our value chain, our next course of action is to conduct human rights due diligence to

proactively identify critical risk areas or non-compliance. Our goal is to establish a comprehensive framework that effectively mitigates and address these issues, thereby reinforcing our commitment to advancing human rights.

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