Creation Model

Our aim is to maximize shareholder returns, prioritize R&D investment, and optimize costs.


  • Net Sales: ₹162,700 Mn
  • Net Profit After Tax: ₹4,301 Mn
  • EBITDA: ₹18,715 Mn


  • Overall improvement in financial performance over the last year
We invest in expanding and maintaining capacities for quality product manufacturing.


  • Total Formulation Units: 19,451 Mn
  • API: 2746.7 MT
  • Manufacturing Sites which comply with GMP: 100%
  • Technology Enabled Manufacturing: Across all Sites


  • Enhanced Product Quality
  • Implementation and Utilization of Digital Technologies
  • Improved Process Efficiencies
Our R&D endeavors leverage leading-edge technologies, expertise, and strategic partnerships for global innovation.


  • R&D Units: 6
  • Expenditure on R&D: ₹12,800 Mn
  • Total Patents (Active): 911
  • Consumer Complaints Regarding Data and Cyber Security: 0


  • Increased investments in R&D infrastructure
  • Adoption of Green Chemistry Leveraging Partnerships for
  • Open Innovation
Through innovation, transformation, and continuous improvement, we attract top talent, develop skills, and shape fulfilling careers aligned with our vision.


  • Percentage of Women at the Workplace: 8.79%
  • Employee Turnover Rate (Permanent Employees): 25%
  • Expenditure on Employee Benefits: ₹19,341.4 Mn
  • Total Training Hours: 1,711,297
  • Total Investment in Training and Development: ₹65 Mn


  • Holistic diversity and inclusion programs
  • Robust training and development modules and programs
We strive for holistic development encompassing economic, social, natural resource, and infrastructure sectors.


  • Total CSR Expenditure: ₹356.5 Mn
  • Total Beneficiaries: 170,778
  • Total Suppliers: 12,531
  • Expenditure on Suppliers (direct and indirect: ₹118,340 Mn)
  • Suppliers Engaged: 100%
  • Public Relations Engagement spanning 44 cities


  • Strategy CSR strategy focusing
  • on lives and livelihoods
  • ESG centric supply chain strategy
  • Leveraging global and regional partnerships
We invest in infrastructure upgrades to foster sustainable operations, focusing on energy conservation, GHG reduction, and effective wastewater and waste management.


  • Emission Reduction (Scope 1+2+3): 109,274 metric tons CO2
  • Total Renewable Energy Capacity: 36 MWh
  • Avoided Emissions due to Renewable Energy Usage: 7,863 tCO2
  • Water Recycled: 42%
  • Waste Co-Processed: 61%


  • Development of organization wide climate strategy
  • Year on year emission reduction
  • Improve water and waste recycling

Our Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals

Access to Healthcare

  • Lupin supplies globally 29 Bn standard units of medicines with 15 Bn in the U.S.1
  • Global leader in Anti-TB medication supplies to global agencies
  • Manufacturing ~3,000 MT of API with leading capabilities in Lisinopril, Rifampicin and Cephalosporins

Patient Centricity

  • Providing diagnosis, rehabilitation, and end-to-end care for patients in select therapy areas in India

Health and Safety at the Workplace

  • Best-in-class health and safety measures implemented at all our sites and offices

Societal Healthcare Initiatives

  • Working with Governments to strengthen tuberculosis elimination
  • MoU with Government of Maharashtra and Rajasthan to combat the growing prevalence of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Societal Education Initiatives

  • Enabling rural skill development in agricultural practices in India
  • Empowering women in rural communities through education in India
  • Pharma Dynamics are subsidiary in South Africa, promotes equitable access to education by partnering with Tutudesk Foundation which aims to benefit 20 Mn children by 2025

Local Capacity Building for Patients and Doctors

  • ~625,000 patients and 9,500 doctors have been educated in India and ~4,250 doctors in South Africa
  • We are actively exploring partnerships to enhance doctor and patient education

Employee Training and Development

  • Regular training and development provided to all employees
  • 1.7 Mn total training hours and `65 Mn investment on training and development

Commitment to Gender Diversity

  • Pursuing a target to achieve a representation of 15% women in our total workforce by 2027. Currently at 9%
  • Comprehensive diversity and inclusion initiatives have been implemented
  • Received Business World’s Diversity and Inclusion Award 2022 for "Outstanding Diversity Network"

Ambitious Water Recycling Targets

  • In FY23, we have recycled 42% of total water withdrawn for our India operations. Our target is to achieve 50% recycling of the water used in India operations, by 2025

Commitment to Water Stewardship

  • Lupin is committed to water stewardship and is currently 400% water positive

Water Risk Assessment

  • Conducted water risk assessment at five of our manufacturing locations

Renewable Energy Commitment

  • We are adopting a hybrid renewable power model comprising wind and solar
  • In FY23, our total procurement of renewable electricity is 5.4%

Energy Efficiency

  • Implementing and investing in energy-efficient technologies and systems

Global Employer

  • Lupin employs ~20,500 people acrossits global operations

World-Class Working Conditions

  • Zero fatalities over the last four years
  • Employee engagement activities conducted regularly

Industry Leading Manufacturing Capabilities

  • 15 Global Manufacturing Sites

Utilization of Artificial Intelligence

  • We are gradually implementing AI and Data Analysis tools across our operations

Robust R&D Systems Driving Innovation

  • 7 R&D Units with a wide range of specialized areas
  • 911 Active Patents
  • 1,400+ R&D Personnel

Reduce Income Inequality

  • Dedicated to achieving gender equalitypay ratio of 1:1

Zero Tolerance to Discrimination

  • We maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards all types of discrimination, including sexual discrimination

Providing Medicines in LMICs

  • Lupin continues to accelerate ARV and anti-TB registrations in LMICs with >120 registrations till date and supplying many lifesaving medicines in these regions by partnering with global agencies

Utilization of Captive Renewable Energy

  • 64,448 MT CO2e reduced through captive renewable energy

Implementing Cloud Technology

  • Comprehensive transition to Cloud Technology, aiming to shift away from physical storage and server options

Responsible Consumption and Disposal Practices

  • We have implemented efficient waste management and circularity practices across our entire value chain

Co-Processing of Waste

  • We prioritize waste recycling and are actively reducing landfill and incineration
  • Seven of our thirteen sites, including R&D, send incinerable hazardous waste to Co-processors/Pre-processors
  • In FY23, we sent 4,175.21 MT (60.9%) of incinerable hazardous waste for co-processing

Extended Producer Responsibility

  • In FY23, we achieved our EPR target with 100% completion, collecting and channelizing 1,956 MT of plastic waste to processors

Undertook a Detailed Climate Change Scenario Analysis

  • In FY23, we undertook a detailedclimate-related scenario analysis to identifyour physical and transition risks

In-depth Decarbonization Plan

  • We have outlined a comprehensive decarbonization plan that is driven by renewable energy adoption

Scope 3 Inventorization

  • In FY23, we conducted a detailed Scope 3 accounting exercise. Our Scope 3 emissions for FY23 stand at 651,664 MT CO2e

Emission Reduction Targets

  • By 2030, we aim to reduce our Scope 1 and Scope 2 GHG emissions by 15% (against FY20 baseline)

Zero Liquid Discharge

  • 6 out of 13 Sites are Zero Liquid Discharge

Anti-Microbial Resistance Stewardship

  • Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR) stewardshipis a key component of our sustainability strategy
  • We aim to create AMR stewardship in three areas of manufacturing, awareness and responsible use

Group Wide Biodiversity Policy

  • Developed a Group-wide Biodiversity and No-Deforestation Policy

Tree Plantation

  • >137,000 trees planted in FY23

Robust Governance Systems

  • Comprehensive Code of Conduct
  • Robust anti-bribery and corruption policy

Bioethics: Animal Testing

  • Test Facility accredited by AAALAC International since 2013
  • Registered by CCSEA, Government of India
  • Certified as OECD GLP Compliant Laboratory by NGCMA of India, Cert.

United Nations Global Compact

  • Lupin has become a signatory of the UNGC in FY23

Responsible Supply Chain

  • All our suppliers are covered under ourResponsible Procurement Policy andThird-Party Code of Conduct
  • Undertaking detailed ESG audits of 100% Tier 1 suppliers of raw material and packaging materials, by 2025

Partnerships and Collaborations

  • We actively partner with external stakeholders, companies, and academic institutions to enhance open innovation and research
  • MoU with Fergusson College (autonomous), Pune for Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Biotechnology
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