Dr. Abdelaziz Toumi

CEO – Lupin Manufacturing Solutions

Abdel is a passionate leader with a blend of scientific and commercial skills. He brings over 20 years of experience in the biotech, pharma and CDMO sectors, spanning Europe, North America, and Asia. Abdel heads Lupin’s API CDMO business, a division that provides custom development and manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients for clients worldwide.

Abdel joined Lupin from KBI Biopharma, where he led the company’s growth, innovation, and operational excellence initiatives. He has also held senior roles at Bayer, Merck, Catalent, and Lonza, where he developed and executed strategies for business development, portfolio expansion, and customer satisfaction. Abdel has a deep understanding of the global API CDMO industry and its challenges and opportunities.

He is a six-sigma black belt trainer and has received several awards including the University of Dortmund PhD award and the Namur Award for Predictive Control of SMB Process.

Abdel holds a Doctorate in Chemical Engineering and an MBA from the
University of Southern Queensland.

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