Our Products and Offerings

Our Science, Your Health

With a footprint across 100+ countries and all major therapy areas, Lupin is the world’s 10th largest generic pharma company. Our unrelenting focus on responsible manufacturing drives our sustained growth as a global formulations and API major. Our 15 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities spread across India, the US, Brazil and Mexico are benchmarked to international standards, and play a critical role in helping us deliver affordable and quality healthcare.

We follow the science, and are driven by research and innovation to develop a wide range of products in both branded and generic formulations, biotech products, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and speciality drugs to address evolving patient needs.

Key Therapeutic Areas

Over the past six decades, Lupin has carved a niche in numerous therapy areas. Today, we are the global leader in the Anti-Tuberculosis segment and continue to strengthen our anti-TB portfolio with the development of products for treating multi-drug resistant (MDR) tuberculosis. We are also among the leading pharmaceutical companies across geographies in diabetes, cardiology, respiratory and ophthalmology, among others, pioneering best-in-class treatment protocols in these areas.



We have played an effective role in reducing the disease burden across key therapy areas by providing access to affordable mission-critical medicines. In the US, more than 70% of our products rank amongst the top three products in their respective segments. In India, several Lupin brands rank among the Indian Pharmaceutical Markets top 300 brands. Going beyond the pill, our numerous patient-centric initiatives are aimed at patient education, disease awareness, and easy disease monitoring and management.



Lupin’s biosimilar programme is focused on making high quality biologics affordable and accessible to patients across the globe. Our flagship product Etanercept, an injectable biologic, is currently available in Japan, India and the EU. It is a breakthrough in the treatment of many chronic, immune-mediated inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, axial spondylarthritis and plaque psoriasis. Our other biosimilars include Lupifil® and Lupifil-P®.


Specialty Drugs

The changing landscape of patient needs and disease complexity offers opportunities for special branded medication in specific therapy areas. We have identified women’s health in the US and rare diseases in the EU region as core focus areas for our specialty strategy. We continue working towards expanding the reach of our existing products and adding more specialty products to our portfolio.



Our OTC divisions across the globe, such as LupinLife Consumer Care in India and Pharmacy Action in Australia, are committed to bringing value-based offerings to meet consumer demands and enhance their quality of life. Backed by a robust distribution network, we offer both Rx-to-OTC and direct OTC products to address growing consumer needs. From bowel regulators and intimate hygiene solutions for women, to health supplements for men and a range of personal sanitisation products, our portfolio comprises a variety of differentiated products.


  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)

    Lupin is a leading manufacturer of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) in India and a key supplier to global bodies and governments in more than 70 countries. Superior chemistry skills, a commitment to quality and cost-effective manufacturing are hallmarks of our API capabilities. Our proficiency in API manufacturing also enables us to stay backward integrated with our formulations production, and ensure a stable supply chain to meet stringent customer requirements, make us one of the most reliable API partners globally.


  • Global Institutional Business (GIB)

    For decades, Lupin has been delivering on its promise of a healthy and disease-free life to underserved communities. We remain committed to support programmes aimed at reducing the disease burden around the globe and today, our products reach more than 50 countries. Our Global Institutional Business (GIB) works closely with various stakeholders – country public health institutions, regulatory institutions, advocacy groups, treatment guideline committees, etc. – as part of the fight against various widespread diseases.


Tech-Driven Offerings

Lupin has been at the forefront of technology adoption and identifying new ways to deepen the connect with our patients. Be it our Bluetooth-enabled inhalation device or an AI-driven chatbot to answer your queries around key therapies, we are constantly on the lookout for ways to leverage technology for making life easier for our patients.

  • Diagnostics A trusted network of pathology services across India. Headquartered in Mumbai with National Reference Laboratory in Navi Mumbai, all the processing laboratories are operated by Lupin Diagnostics as a hub and spoke model. It includes Collection Centres, Pick-up Points, Smart reports, Hospital Laboratory Management, Retail Laboratory Management, and Home Collection pan-India. Please visit www.lupindiagnostics.com

  • LYFE – LYFE is India’s 1st and only evidence-based Digital Therapeutics Solution for wholehearted care. A user-friendly Digital app that combines the best human interventions, scientific evidence and Artificial Intelligence. LYFE provides whole-hearted care from the ecosystem of your Cardiologist and our Health Coaches, Care Managers, and globally certified Connected Devices, to help you with your cardiac disease or on your recovery path post a cardiac event. For more information, click lyfe.in
  • ATHARV ABILITY is a state-of-the-art, multidisciplinary Neurological Rehabilitation outpatient center for adults and children. It offers comprehensive programs, quality care, and rehabilitation for neurological disabilities like stroke, TBI, SCI, Parkinson’s, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, and pediatric neurological conditions, aiming to restore and advance patients’ abilities. For more information visit www.atharvability.com
  • Anya — Lupin’s health chatbot launched in FY18 — can answer queries on Diabetes, Respiratory Ailments, Hypertension and Anti-Tb. It is a multilingual bot and in addition to English, it responds in 5 regional languages Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Bengali and Kannada. Access Anya on www.askanya.in and say “Hello” to start asking any health related queries. With a hassle-free interface and real-time replies, you can get medically verified answers from Anya. So just go ahead and Ask Anya!
  • In our continued battle to eradicate tuberculosis in India, we have developed a unique mobile app called ‘Fight TB’, a one-stop solution for doctors treating the dread disease. ‘Fight TB’ promotes WHO-recommended TB-treatment guidelines and helps clinicians notify TB patients.
  • Humrahi
    We have designed diabetes patient support program to make a positive impact on the continuum of care for diabetes patients and improve patient outcomes. It aims to provide seamless patient onboarding through a mobile friendly app and website ensuring therapy adherence and comprehensive support. The program offers services like personalized counselling sessions, complimentary medications, blood sugar diagnostic test kit, and lifestyle management tips and more. To know more, please visit www.humrahi.co.in
  • ‘SAHAYAK’ is our AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered WhatsApp chatbot where patients can have their queries related to hypertension answered by simply texting on to SAHAYAK WhatsApp number 7777 0 44 111. Queries can be around the basics of hypertension, complications of hypertension, right way to measure blood pressure or related to lifestyle modifications like diet, exercise plans, etc.
  • Doctors need medico-legal guidance since the start of their professional careers right from setting up clinic to taking patient consent to tele-medicine. Today, doctors turn to the internet for answers only to find unvalidated sources of information in complicated language. LegalRx mobile app is a one-stop solution for medico-legal information. It covers all aspects in a simple, easy to understand language. The Doctors can learn from real world court cases and get their queries answered from a qualified team of lawyers. With more than 45K downloads in less than a year, it is a great reference for Doctors. Download now by searching for LegalRx on Google Playstore.