Lupin for Suppliers

Partnering with us has never been so easy – Come Discover, Collaborate and Grow by becoming a registered Supplier with Lupin

Now Partnering with Lupin just got simpler – through Ariba Network

With the leap in digital transformation fueling the new digital economy, Lupin has speedily adopted the growing partnership between Suppliers and Buyers, in the digital marketplace with SAP Ariba Supplier Management solution.

SAP Ariba Supplier Management is an end-to-end solution portfolio that lets Lupin easily manage supplier information, lifecycle and performance all under one umbrella.

What it means for you as a Supplier

SAP Ariba is how companies connect with Suppliers to get business done, using the market-leading digital commerce Ariba solution enabled by the Ariba Network.

Key Benefits involved when you register on Ariba Network -

Supplier Self-service
Now you as Suppliers can maintain your own information via Ariba Network, thus providing Lupin with a high degree of confidence in the data. Updating your new/existing information with Lupin has never been simpler

Tap into the world’s largest B2B marketplace
As a supplier on Ariba Network, you get access to the largest digital marketplace and get connected to a global network of millions of companies doing business with Ariba

Get Notified on your Supplier Status
At every stage of your supplier onboarding journey, you get notified on your current supplier status

Collaborate Directly
With your Ariba Network account, you can connect with us directly via messaging functionality within Ariba

Start your vendor onboarding journey in Lupin with Ariba Network

We at Lupin asks suppliers to join Ariba Network via an Invitation email, so that we can work together more efficiently and effectively on all the shared aspects of business commerce: proposals, contracts, orders, invoices, and payments. Doing so through Ariba Network will provide us with the required information for becoming a registered supplier with Lupin.

Let us walk you through a small demo video on how to get registered with Ariba Network and manage your information you provide to Lupin.

Help yourself by going through a detailed presentation on how to become a Registered Supplier with Lupin

  • For Suppliers getting registered for LUPIN India

Lupin SLP Training Manual for India Suppliers

  • For Suppliers getting registered for LUPIN USA & Canada

Lupin SLP Training Manual for US and CA Suppliers

To know more on Ariba Network and how it can help you grow your business digitally click here