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Lupin is one of the leading Indian pharmaceutical companies engaged in the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) business. Our API capabilities are steered by superior chemistry skills, quality-driven and cost-effective manufacturing. Our API business has attracted new customers and expanded to more than 50 countries worldwide.

With a commitment to protect the environment and improve the efficiency of existing processes, we have adopted green chemistry enzymatic technologies, with an intent to leverage our core fermentation technology expertise to introduce new products in the market and spur our growth.

While India itself is a large market, the Indian API industry is primarily export-driven and the past few years have seen it shift in favour of regulated markets. Outside the US, India holds the proud distinction as the world’s leader in Drug Master Files (DMF) applications.

With a legacy spanning five decades, Lupin is one of the few global pharmaceutical companies with a meaningful API business. We remain one of the most vertically integrated companies with a sharp focus on building efficiencies in manufacturing quality APIs and achieving significant global scale. Strengthening the product portfolio, ensuring new customer lock-ins in Advanced Markets like the US, Europe and Japan and cementing newer partnerships in emerging markets like China, Brazil, Mexico, Korea and Russia have been some of our key highlights.

We are consciously investing in adopting green chemistry and enzymatic technologies with a dual purpose of improving efficiencies and protecting the environment. Fermentation technology-based products have been Lupin’s specialty expertise and we are on track to introduce newer products in this field.



Lupin retains its leadership position in the Anti-TB finished formulation supply market. We are the leading suppliers to the Global Drug Facility and the Government of India.

Currently, our Company is developing a range of second line Anti-TB drugs for Multi-Drug Resistant TB (MDR TB) along with a variety of child-friendly Anti-TB formulations. Additionally, GIB is also paving the way towards introducing novel drugs in the Anti-Retroviral and Anti-Malaria space.

Today’s life is full of challenges and as priorities change our health takes a back seat, taking a toll on our productivity. Our products play a role of an enabler to consumers, to remove or manage health obstacles which can be a hindrance to achieve their goals or aspirations.



Lupin’s P2P business launched several first-to-market products in India and has emerged as a strong and reliable supplier and partner. Our significant products under the P2P portfolio are Rifaximin, Acotiamide and Teneligliptin.

The company also launched the Antihistamine product Bepotastine in FY2018. Acogut (Acotiamide), launched in FY2017, has been acclaimed as one of the best-launched products in the Acute Care segment.

Lupin has currently 5 operational manufacturing sites dedicated to API production.

In addition, we have recently undertaken building of a new Greenfield API site at Pharma City in Vizag, for both Non-Oncology and Oncology APIs to augment manufacturing capacity.


  • Regulatory approvals: WHO, UK MHRA, ANVISA Brazil, Korean FDA, CDSCO India, FDA, CCA, WHO GMP, EDQM, ISO – 14001, OSHAS - 18001
  • Product manufactured: Intermediates and API
  • Number of plants: 9
  • Key markets served: Italy, China, Canada, India


  • Regulatory approvals: USFDA, UK MHRA, WHO
  • Product manufactured: API (Fermentation based and synthetic)
  • Number of plants: 14 manufacturing plant and 5 solvent recovery blocks
  • Key markets served: US, EU, India, WHO supplies, Japan