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"Commit to strengthening yourself such that the universe bends to your will."
- Dr. Desh Bandhu Gupta
Founder And Former Chairman, Lupin Limited

What started as one man’s journey and his belief in the virtue of his cause, has paved the path for Lupin to become a global pharmaceutical major.

Lupin began as one man’s dream of creating a better world. Dr. Desh Bandhu Gupta, lovingly known as DBG, believed in the idea of ‘simple living and high thinking’ and aspired to put India on the global pharmaceuticals map. DBG’s legacy is one of performance, values and public spiritedness. At 50, Lupin is a strong and vast fabric woven in his strong values adopted by the passionate team of professionals working to offer medicines and researching through our global web of laboratories to build and grow in the world of pharmaceuticals.

When Dr. Gupta started Lupin in 1968, his wife, Mrs. Manju Gupta, served as his first investor with an investment of INR 5,000. To DBG, Lupin was a weapon to fight life-threatening diseases that plagued his nation. Today, Lupin has successful operations in over 100 countries and it is largely because of the culture of innovation, unyielding integrity, and world-class operations that DBG pioneered. But DBG’s true genius as an entrepreneur lay in bringing out the best in every person he met.

Business to him was sacred and he operated with the highest ethical standards, professionalism and respect.

Over the past 50 years, with DBG at the helm of affairs, Lupin saw both struggles and victories. But his personality encouraged learning from the experiences and never rest on laurels. He inspired the team to move ahead, set high targets and meet one’s goals through unyielding commitment to compliance and integrity. He had a compelling vision of the future and strived to light the path of glory.

As we look forward to our altruistic heritage as a world leader, DBG’s vision guides us. He often stated, “Dreaming big is not enough, you must convert these dreams into real actionable plans. You must challenge yourself to seek excellence and to innovate; to continuously connect vision, strategy and execution. That is what makes a company great and go beyond mere growth”.

Of all the hats, he wore in his lifetime, DBG was most happy to have contributed to creating a more inclusive society – one that provides opportunities to all who need them. He was always proud of being an Indian who contributed to the nation-building process.

Lupin has navigated the market without losing sight of his vision. As we look to our 50 year’s journey, we continue to be inspired by DBG’s guiding tenets: to focus on research to be a growth driver; to make technology a differentiator to achieve world-class manufacturing standards; to focus on quality; make people our strength – bringing and retaining the right people on board, giving them autonomy and enabling them to succeed; caring for people and all our stakeholders; always focus on affordable high-quality healthcare, especially in areas of unmet needs.

Today, we are truly a multinational pharmaceutical company focused on meaningful and differentiated product portfolio comprising of Complex Generics, Biosimilars and Specialty Products. As we continue the journey started in 1968, we commit to the legacy that is our honour to uphold.