Central nervous system (CNS) disorders comprise a wide span of conditions that range from migraines to neuromuscular and musculoskeletal incapacity, and pain. In India, Lupin ranks #6 in this segment, with a strong presence in the anti-epileptic , anti-depressant, schizophrenia and headache markets.

In Germany, our subsidiary Hormosan specialises in medicines for severe chronic pain as well as migraine and cluster headache. Going a step forward, the team also identified the unmet medical need of patients with myotonic disorders – a heterogeneous group of genetically determined diseases affecting the ability to relax muscles and resulting in debilitating pain. The team developed an orphan drug for symptomatic treatment of non-dystrophic myotonia (NDM) and launched it in Germany and a few other EU countries. Patients now have access to this life-changing treatment that allows them to exercise motor control to achieve small daily tasks such as the ability to tie their own shoelaces or shake hands with friends.