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Lupin has made significant strides in building a sustainable, vibrant and diverse business. One of Lupin’s differentiators has been the branded portfolio and the company is focused on re-establishing the branded business as an engine for growth.

With the acquisition of Gavis Pharmaceuticals LLC in the US, the company gained scale in the brands market. Methergine and Methylphenidate - the two new brands helped Lupin to reposition itself in the market with focus on building Women’s Health portfolio. In October 2017, the company acquired Symbiomix Therapeutics, LLC to obtain its US FDA approved brand SolosecTM.

SolosecTM, was recently launched and is the first and only approved single-dose oral treatment for Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) - the most prevalent gynecology infection in the US. The acquisition of SolosecTM significantly expands Lupin’s Women’s Health business.

Lupin’s Europe business is committed to building a robust portfolio in the specialty space within Neurology. In February 2020, Lupin launched NaMuscla® (mexiletine) in Germany and the United Kingdom (UK). NaMuscla® is approved across the European Union (EU) for the symptomatic treatment of myotonia in adults with non-dystrophic myotonic (NDM) disorders. The launch of NaMuscla® in Germany and the UK follows the European Commission’s approval of the product on 18 December 2018. NaMuscla®, designated an Orphan Drug by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), is the first treatment to be licensed across the EU for the symptomatic treatment of myotonia in adults with NDM disorders.