Lupin’s specialty business is backed by strong research and manufacturing capabilities. Our specialty products, namely NaMuscla in Europe, have carved a niche for themselves in women’s health and neurology, respectively, by addressing latent yet compelling needs of patients.

US Specialty

Lupin’s specialty business in the US was established in 2003 with the reintroduction of Suprax (Cefixime) oral suspension. We have marketed a range of products across therapeutic categories, including Antara®, Methergine®, among others. Our search for cutting-edge medicines to improve the treatment of special conditions and populations is never over. While Lupin is currently focused on women’s health, we are also pursuing growth opportunities in other areas of unmet needs.

Lupin Neurosciences

Lupin Neurosciences is the specialty pharma division of Lupin, committed to improving the lives of patients affected by underserved and rare neurological disorders. NaMuscla® is our flagship product from Lupin Neurosciences. Headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, the mission of this unit is to expand patient access to science-based therapies and solutions through building a global portfolio of speciality pharmaceuticals for development, registration and commercialisation with partners and collaborators.