Spearheading the Fight Against Tuberculosis

Our founder, Dr Desh Bandhu Gupta, began our war against Tuberculosis (TB) and today, Lupin continues his legacy by being at the forefront of the fight against TB, globally.

Lupin is the largest supplier of first-line anti-TB drugs in the world. Our Global Institutional Business (GIB) team works with the Global Alliance for TB Drug Development to manufacture a few anti-TB products to be marketed in designated countries with poor economic background. The primary intent here is to provide affordable and innovative therapies, and assist in reducing the TB burden in those countries.

We also collaborate with the Government of India as well as the International Drug Association (IDA) to provide high quality, affordable medicines to support their commitment of the End TB scheme.

Anti-TB Portfolio

We rank #1 for our Rifampin product, compared with TE rated generics. In India, we have a market share of 56% in this segment, led by our top three products Rcinex, Akurit and AKT.

Lupin’s growth in the anti-TB segment has been fuelled by our strong API manufacturing capabilities, our expertise in fermentation technology which is critical to the manufacture of TB drugs, and our state-of-the-art facilities that operate in compliance with the highest manufacturing standards, including the US FDA, MHRA and WHO Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Furthermore, we are strengthening our anti-TB portfolio with the development of products recommended for treating multi-drug resistant (MDR) tuberculosis.

We live by our dream of having a TB-Free World. The fight to eradicate tuberculosis is a global effort involving various stakeholders, namely country public health institutions, donor agencies, regulatory institutions, advocacy groups, treatment guideline committees, procurement teams, and supply chain and logistics management teams. Our GIB team works actively with these partners to drive a greater, more significant difference – one that resonates with Dr Desh Bandhu Gupta’s vision.

Beyond the Cure

Going beyond our promise of providing quality assured, affordable medications, we focus our time and efforts working closely with the patient community and HCPs to increase awareness around this disease. Our activities revolve around facilitating informative sessions for patients, led by key opinion leaders and spreading knowledge about the myths and facts around TB through different mediums.

In addition, our Facebook chatbot, Anya, has been ‘trained’ to provide medically-verified information in response to queries regarding this disease. Our TB Update newsletter and events such as the TB Summit Virtual Webinar series for HCPs help keep them abreast of the latest developments around various type of TB like POTTS, MDR and Skeletal, and new treatment guidelines. For more information, please click