Lupin's fight against Covid-19

Lupin's Fight Against Covid-19

Lupin was among the first corporates to join the global fight against the coronavirus by offering monetary and material support

The COVID-19 pandemic is the biggest disruptor humankind has witnessed so far, causing immense suffering and damage. However, it has also proved to be a great catalyst in unifying countries, businesses and people for the common good of combatting the virus.

For a responsible and conscientious corporate like Lupin, the pandemic posed several challenges – from maintaining business continuity and ensuring uninterrupted supply of lifesaving medicines to those in need across the globe, to keeping our employees safe and their morale high.

Lupin was among the first corporates to join the global fight against the coronavirus by offering monetary and material support. Lupin’s contributions in the form of money and material as part of its Global Giving Programmes, have benefited communities in India and the US.

Response to COVID-19

Lupin employees contributed generously to the Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations Fund (PM-CARES Fund) to support the anti-pandemic measures. While the employees donated two days salary, totalling Rs 5.5 crore, Lupin matched it, contributing an equal sum for direct initiatives to support the overburdened national and state healthcare systems. Lupin’s donations include personal protective equipment, medicines and meals for front-line workers and the needy.

In addition, the promoter Desh Bandhu Gupta family has committed a sum of Rs 10 crore for other direct impact initiatives to supplement Lupin’s COVID-19 efforts.

As COVID-19 started to spread its tentacles, threatening to disrupt lives and livelihoods, Lupin launched the Jan Kovid helpline in Mumbai, Bhopal, Indore and Pune.

Primarily aimed at resolving queries about COVID-19, its symptoms, and details about the nearest testing centers or government hospitals, etc., the helpline also offers counselling and support to help citizens combat stress, anxiety and mental health issues. Provided free of cost, the helpline is backed by an expert team of general physicians, psychologists, respiratory physicians and psychiatrists.

Lupin has played a major role in maintaining the supply of several drugs that are considered as the first line of therapy for COVID-19 infections. We launched Covihalt (Favipiravir) in India for mild to moderate cases of COVID-19 infection. As the largest supplier of Azithromycin in the US, we ramped up capacity to meet the global demand for this key COVID-19 therapeutic.

We also launched Albuterol, a key rescue inhalation product, in the US.

With employee safety and wellbeing being paramount, Lupin launched several initiatives to help them navigate the unprecedented crisis situation as it unfolded.

LIBERATE, a helpline that offered medical advice and guidance, was launched for the benefit of Lupin employees. Medical experts handled queries related to health issues around COVID-19.

SAMVAD was initiated to connect all employees across the world with their leadership teams. This programme facilitated seamless coordination on various customer-centric and employee-centric initiatives by Lupin.

The realities of a new normal led Lupin to adapt and reinvent the way it had operated. Protocols and guidelines issued by global health organisations were rapidly adapted and deployed at all manufacturing and research locations. COVID-19 protective measures, such as thermal screening, sanitisation of premises, maintaining social distancing at work and cafeterias, wearing PPE at all times, and hand sanitisation, were institutionalised and have become part of the employee checklist at Lupin facilities. Additionally, an air handling system was also installed at all our facilities to remove micro-organisms during operations.

The crisis created by the pandemic underscored the robustness of Lupin’s supply chain and vindicated our efforts to ensure business sustainability. A healthy inventory level of raw materials, APIs and finished products ensured there was no disruption in supplies.

The Lupin Foundation has contributed to the fight against COVID-19 by providing protective gear, equipment, medical supplies and a variety of essentials to frontline workers and other ‘corona warriors’.

When the lockdown imposed in the wake of the pandemic forced migrant workers to leave big cities and towns in India, the Foundation rushed to their rescue by providing cooked food, food grains, medical supplies, shelter and other support. While the initial focus was on extending sustenance, it soon transformed into rehabilitation and livelihood generation activities with the relaxation in the lockdown.

Total monetary donations: Rs 5.84 crore
Masks: 26 lakh units
Meals: 45,000 units
PPE kits: 1.34 lakh units
Food kits: 2.08 lakh units
Sanitisers: 5.81 lakh units
Medical supplies and equipment: 15 lakh units
Migrant workers support: 92,800 numbers

Lupin contributed to the fight against COVID-19 in the US as well, by offering monetary and material support. Lupin facilities in Somerset, Florida, Baltimore and New York donated meals for frontline healthcare workers, delivered masks and PPE kits to various healthcare institutions.

Total donations: $197,646
Masks: 6,250 units
Meals: 19,118 units

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