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Lupin’s India business has been a dynamic front-runner despite the challenges presented by the impact of the GST implementation, regulatory challenges and pricing pressures. The implementation of GST impacted our price realization by ~3% by subsuming all other taxes into a single consolidated tax. The first quarter which was the period just before GST implementation, saw a significant impact on volumes as the trade de-stocked resulting in Industry de-growth. However, the Industry recovered post the GST scenario and Lupin’s performance was impressive.

For the year ended 31st March, 2019, our Domestic Formulation Revenue stood at Rs.46,382 million, representing a growth of 12% over the previous year as compared to the market growth rate of 6%. With a 3.6% Market Share (as per IQVIA MAT, March 2019), Lupin’s India business has maintained its 5th rank in sales this year in Indian Pharmaceutical Market (IPM), growing fastest amongst the top 5 companies and consistently outperforming the IPM. Lupin ranks 3rd in Anti-diabetes therapy and continues to lead in the Anti-TB segment.

The Company’s top five therapies contribute over 73% of our sales. Our focus is to consolidate our leadership in these areas of strength by launching novel molecules and building market share.

We have maintained our leadership in Anti-TB and Respiratory, where we are ranked No. 1 and No. 2 respectively. In addition to this, we have improved our ranks in the Anti-Diabetic, Neuro/CNS and Gynaecology space and achieved market growth in the Respiratory, Anti-Diabetic and Gynaecology therapeutic areas. At present, eight of Lupin’s brands are in the Top 300 in IPM.

Our specialized field force outperformed despite a tough environment. In a first of its kind initiative, Lupin has launched an Artificial-Intelligence powered, patient-friendly chatbot named Anya, that is designed to act as a preferred partner for doctors in resolving patient's queries and creating disease awareness.

Lupin India region is poised for progress, committed to improving patient care and looks forward to yet another year of exceptional performance.

OTC ‒ LupinLife Consumer Health Care

The LupinLife Consumer Health Care division is focused on strengthening its presence in the market by building a strong distribution for two of its product lines – Softovac and Corcal Bone & Beauty.

LupinLife plans to strengthen its position in the OTC segment with the launch of Corcal Bone & Beauty, a Vitamins and Minerals Supplement. The product is a unique calcium supplement for women and is positioned as a health and beauty supplement.

LupinLife will continue its focus on introducing well-positioned new products basis consumer insights and backed by robust scientific evidence to strengthen current portfolio through brand building initiatives.




The Company's concerted focus on the semi-acute therapy is the crux of the Lupin division, which has enabled the Company to attain market leadership in the Anti-TB segment of IPM. It continues to lead the pack in the anti-TB segment, as well as maintain its presence in the cardiovascular, diabetic, asthma and CNS space. The Lupin division now commands 46% market share in a INR 2,920 million anti-TB market and grew by 7% during the year.

Key Products : Lupin Pharma

Product Therapeutic segment Product Rank in the relevant segment
R-Cinex Anti-TB 1
AKT Anti-TB 1
Akurit Anti-TB 1
R-CIN Anti-TB 1
G-CIN Gemifloxacin 1
Combutol Ethambutol & Comb. 1
Pyzina Pyrazinamide Plain 2


The Respira Division is responsible for the Company’s business in the Inhalation space, targeting core therapy segments such as Asthma, Allergic Rhinitis and Respiratory Tract Infections and the Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) space. Respira continues to garner market share and has emerged as the 2nd largest player in the Inhalation space with a market share of 21.7% (AIOCD MAT Feb 2014). The division ventured into new strategic segment targeting chronic therapy segments within Respiratory such as Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and Interstitial lung diseases.

Key Products : LUPIN RESPIRA

Product Therapeutic segment Product Rank in the relevant segment
L-CIN Levofloxacn 1
Esiflo Salmeterol+Fluticasone 2
Budamate Formoteral+Budesonide 2
Budate Budesonide 2
Tiomate Tiotropium+Formoteral 2
Telekast Montelukast 3
Salbair Salbutamol 3


This division focuses on Anti-Infective, Gastroenterology and Osteoarthritis businesses as well as acute therapy areas like Anti-Biotics and Pain Management. It covers almost 16 specialties and engages with everybody ranging from a general practitioner to a gastroenterologist. In keeping with its tradition, Endeavour continues to consistently outperform the market where it was ranked the 2nd largest player in its participated market, clocking in a growth of 14% during FY 2014 (AIOCD AWACS MAT Feb, 2014).

Key Products : ENDEAVOUR

Product Therapeutic segment Product Rank in the relevant segment
Softovac Bulk Producers 2
Cefaxone Ceftriaxone Injectible 4
Doxcef Cefpodoxime Solids 4
Signoflam Other Aceclofenac Comb. 4


Lupin’s Critical Care division focuses mainly on four therapy areas; Critical Care, Orthopaedic, Urology & GP/CP/Surgery based products. As per SMSRC Prescription data, Maxter clocked in growth of 19% while the market growth was just 4% during the same period (SMSRC Mar-Feb 2014 over Mar-Feb 2013).

Key Products : MAXTER

Product Therapeutic segment Product Rank in the relevant segment
Merotrol Meropenem 1
Tazar Piperacillin + Tazobactam 1
Ceff Cephalexin Oral Solids 3
Cetil Cefuroxime Oral Solids 5
Cefantral Cefotaxime Injectibles 9


Lupin India formulation business’s flagship division continued to outperform the market with the division emerging as the 3rd largest player within the Indian cardiology market.

The Company continues to expand on its association with the American College of Cardiology (ACC) where we conducted a special program called Rhythm 2013, an Advanced ECG Program in seven locations across India with over 1,500 doctors with international certification participating in the proceedings.

Pinnacle also conducted an Emergency Cardiovascular Care workshop in association with and certification from the American Heart association (AHA) for doctors across different cities in India. The division also conducted and facilitated Innovative Doctor Engagement webcasts in the area of Hypertension and Dyslipidemia.

Key Products : Pinnacle CVS

Brand Name Molecule Therapy Segment
TONACT 5 Atorvastatin Cholesterol Reducer
TONACT 10 Atorvastatin Cholesterol Reducer
TONACT 20 Atorvastatin Cholesterol Reducer
TONACT 40 Atorvastatin Cholesterol Reducer
TONACT 80 Atorvastatin Cholesterol Reducer
TONACT PLUS Atorvastatin + Niacin Cholesterol Reducer
TONACT FORTE Atorvastatin + Niacin Cholesterol Reducer
TONACT 10MG EZ Atorvastatin +Ezetimibe Cholesterol Reducer
TONACT 20mg EZ Atorvastatin +Ezetimibe Cholesterol Reducer
TONACT TG Atorvastatin + Fenofibrate Cholesterol Reducer
Tonact TG 20 Atorvastatin + Fenofibrate Cholesterol Reducer
Tonact ASP Atorvastatin+ Asprin Cholesterol Reducer
Tonact D 10 mg Atorvastatin + Cholecalciferol Cholesterol Reducer
Tonact D 20MG Atorvastatin + Cholecalciferol Cholesterol Reducer
RAMISTAR 1.25 Ramipril Anti-Hypertensive
RAMISTAR 2.5MG Ramipril Anti-Hypertensive
RAMISTAR 5MG Ramipril Anti-Hypertensive
RAMISTAR 10MG Ramipril Anti-Hypertensive
RAMISTAR A 2.5 Ramipril + Amlodipine Anti-Hypertensive
RAMISTAR H 2.5 Ramipril +Hctz Anti-Hypertensive
RAMISTAR H 5 Ramipril +Hctz Anti-Hypertensive
Ramistar M XL 2.5mg Ramipril + Metoprolol Anti-Hypertensive
Ramistar M XL 5mg Ramipril + Metoprolol Anti-Hypertensive
PINOM 10 Olmesartan Anti-Hypertensive
PINOM 20 Olmesartan Anti-Hypertensive
PINOM 40 MG Olmesartan Anti-Hypertensive
PINOM H 20mg Olmesartan + Hctz Anti-Hypertensive
PINOM H 40mg Olmesartan + Hctz Anti-Hypertensive
PINOM A 40 MG Olmesartan + Amlodipine Anti-Hypertensive
PINOM A 20 MG Olmesartan + Amlodipine Anti-Hypertensive
PINOM M 50 MG Olmesartan + Amlodipine Anti-Hypertensive
PINOM M  25 MG Olmesartan + Amlodipine Anti-Hypertensive
tRIPINOM Olmesartan + Amlodipine Anti-Hypertensive
CLOPITAB 75mg Clopidogrel Antiplatelet
CLOPITAB 150 Clopidogrel Antiplatelet
CLOPITAB A 75 Clopidogrel + Aspirin Antiplatelet
CLOPITAB A 150 Clopidogrel + Aspirin Antiplatelet
CILODOC 50 Cilostazol Antiplatelet
CILODOC 100 Cilostazol Antiplatelet
FAXIMAB 10MG/5 ML VIAL Abciximabinj Antiplatelet
LUPENOX 20MG Enoxaparin Anticoagulant
LUPENOX 40MG Enoxaparin Anticoagulant
LUPENOX 60MG Enoxaparin Anticoagulant
PLANEP 25mg Eplerenone Diuretic
PLANEP 50mg Eplerenone Diuretic
IVABRAD 5MG Ivabradine Antianginal
IVABRAD 7.5MG Ivabradine Antianginal
LUPIDIP A Atenolol+ Amlodipine Anti-Hypertensive
LUPIDIP 2.5/5/10 mg Amlodipine Anti-Hypertensive
LUPIBOSE 62.5/125 mg Bosentan Pulmonary Anti-Hypertensive
HARTY Resveratrol + Grape seed extract Nutritional Supplement
Lupichlor 6.25mg Chlorthalidone Diuretic
Lupichlor 12.5mg Chlorthalidone Diuretic
Nicostar 5mg Nicorandil Antianginal
Nicostar 10mg Nicorandil Antianginal
Nicostar OD Nicorandil Antianginal
Glador 1/2/3/4mg Glimipride Antidiabetic
Glador M 1 Glimipride 1gm+ Metformin 500mg Antidiabetic
Glador M 2 Glimipride 2gm+ Metformin 500mg Antidiabetic
Glador M1 Forte Glimipride 1gm+ Metformin 1000mg Antidiabetic
Glador M2 Forte Glimipride 2gm+ Metformin 1000mg Antidiabetic
Fleta 20mg/10ml bolus Eptifibatide Anticogulant
Fleta 75mg /100ml infusion Eptifibatide Anticogulant
Estuchol 150mg Ursodeoxycholic acid Hepatoprotection
Estuchol 300mg Ursodeoxycholic acid Hepatoprotection
Resodim 15mg Tolvaptan Diuretic
Resodim 30mg Tolvaptan Diuretic
Dilnip 5mg Cilnidipine Antihypertensive
Dilnip 10mg Cilnidipine Antihypertensive
Semenda Levosimendan Positive Ionotropes


Set up in FY 2010, Lupin CVN is focused on the Nephrology and Urology segments. The Lupin CVN division has grown at a CAGR of 28% over the last 5 years. The division continues to build on its leadership credentials in its participated markets where it is ranked 1st by prescription.

The division continues to innovate by creating specialized webinars and was the first to introduce QR Code Interactive Communications to communicate with doctors and patients.



India is unfortunately often referred to as the future diabetic capital of the world. It is estimated that by 2030, every fifth diabetic will be an Indian. Since inception, the Lupin Diabetes Care division has been scripting new chapters in its fight against diabetes. Lupin Diabetes Care has consistently outperformed the market and ranked as the 3rd largest player in its participated market with a growth of 28% during FY 2014 (AIOCD AWACS MAT Feb 2014).

The division has created very strong patient care programs like Arogya and The Wellness program. The Arogya diabetes program is a first-of-its kind initiative to screen 37,000 patients with over 2,000 doctors participating across India. It has not only enabled diabetes and hypertension screening and diagnosis but also covers lipid and renal profile and thyroid screening for patients. The Tereos Wellness Program (TWP) is an exclusive unique patient support venture where qualified nurses and periodic laboratory testing at the patients door step is ensuring better monitoring of the patient.

Key Products : Lupin Diabetes Care

Product Therapeutic Segment Product Rank in the relevant segment
Misobit Miglitol 1
Telista Telmisartan 2
Gabastar Gabapentin 2
Matilda Mecobalamin 2
Lipril Lisinopril 2
Gluconorm Diabetics orals 3


Lupin is ranked 8th in the CNS segment, having grown by 7% in FY 2014 (AIOCD AWACS MAT Feb 2014). Mindvision division successfully launched new products in major sub-segments such as Anti-Depressants, Anti-Epileptics, Pain and Stroke. Mindvision enjoys strong brand equity in the Neurology and Psychiatry segment.

Key Products : MINDVISION

Product Rank (ORG MAT 2012)
Stalopam Plus 1
Cognistar 1
Citistar 3
Stalopam 4
Restfull 4


The Lupin Femina division was launched in FY 2009 to spearhead the Company's entry into the women's health care segment. Lupin Femina registered a dynamic growth of 134% and launched seven new brands during FY 2010. Lupin Femina also launched two in-licensed products in the Gynaecology segment during the year, namely Faa-20 and Luprolide.



This specialized ophthalmic division of the Company is ranked amongst the top 10 in its represented market within the IPM. The division grew by 48% in FY 2014 as against a market which grew by just 7% (AIOCD AWACS MAT Feb 2014).

Lupin Blue Eyes in association with Eye Bank Association of India (EBAI) launched the ‘Punarjyoti’ campaign to promote eye donation in the country after death.

Key Products : Lupin Blue Eyes

Brand Name Molecule Therapy Segment
Moxiblu Moxifloxacin 0.5% W/V Eye Drops Antibiotic
Moxiblu-D Moxifloxacin 0.5% W/V + Dexamethasone 0.1% W/V Eye Drops Antibiotic + Anti-inflammatory
Moxiblu-KT Moxifloxacin 0.5% W/V + Ketorolac 0.5% W/V Eye Drops Antibiotic + Anti-inflammatory
Gatiblu Gatifloxacin 0.3% W/V Eye Drops Antibiotic
Gatiblu-D Gatifloxacin 0.3% W/V + Dexamethasone 0.1% W/V Eye Drops Antibiotic + Anti-inflammatory
Lacrimos 0.5% Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose 0.5% W/V Eye Drops Tear Substitutes
Lacrimos 1% Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose 1% W/V Eye Drops Tear Substitutes
Oloblu 0.1% Olopatadine 0.1% W/V Eye Drops Anti-allergics
Oloblu 0.2% Olopatadine 0.2% W/V Eye Drops Anti-allergics
Timoblu Timolol 0.5% W/V Eye Drops Anti-glaucoma
Lupitros Travoprost 0.004% W/V Eye Drops Anti-glaucoma
Lupitros-T Travoprost 0.004% W/V + Timolol 0.5% W/V Eye Drops Anti-glaucoma
Nepablu Nepafenac 0.1% W/V Eye Drops Anti-inflammatory
Britiblu Brimonidine 0.2% W/V + Timolol 0.5% W/V Eye Drops Anti-glaucoma


Formed in FY 2013, Lupin Ikonic is the youngest division within the Company and the 2nd specialized division to be focusing on Neuropsychiatry and Oncology catering to neurologists, psychiatrists and oncologists.

Key Products : Lupin Ikonic

Product Rank (ORG MAR 2012)
Epilive 5
Headset 4
Tolifast 3

Brief about Phoenix:

Division Phoenix is launched at the start of this FY’16-17 to have focused approach for Gynecologists (Gyn) and Dermatologists (Derma). Phoenix has established brands and reputation in gynecology segment with brands such as Corcium, Faa, Lupigest and Yamini though we are relatively new player in Dermatology segment and doesn’t have a significant presence in it. This division is launched with an objective to capitalize on the opportunity lying in these segments (Gyn & Derma) as the IRM is growing with healthy double digit growth rate. Our product range is catering to following segments in both therapy areas:

Gynecology Segment: Nutrition during obstetrics and beyond, Anemia, Contraception, Progesterone, Gonadotropins, Infertility, Intimate Hygiene

Dermatology Segment: Triple drug combination (Steroid + Anti. Fungal + Anti. Infective) for Mixed Skin infections, Sunscreen, Melasma (Kojic Acid combination), Skin Lightening Agent (Glutathione + Aloe Vera), Moisturizer.