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The Equity Shares of the company are listed on the BSE LIMITED and The National Stock Exchange of India Ltd.
(NSE) since 10th September 2001.

As on May 19, 2020

Rs. 906,120,020/- comprising 453,060,010 equity shares of Rs. 2/- each

Lupin track of dividends are detailed below. Dividends are remitted through National Electronic Clearing Service (NECS) subject to availability of NECS centres and timely furnishing of complete and correct bank account details by shareowners. Dividend other thanNECS are remitted by means of warrants.

Dividend period Dividend (%) Per Share (Rs.) Closure/ record
Date of Declaration
of Dividend
Dividend payment date
2017-18 250 5.00
01.08.2018 – 08.08.2018 08.08.2018
2016-17 375 7.50
26.07.2017 – 02.08.2017 02.08.2017
2015-16 375 7.50
27.07.2016 – 03.08.2016 03.08.2016
2014-15 375 7.50
16.07.2015 – 23.07.2015 23.07.2015
2013-14 (Final) 150 3.00
23.07.2014 – 30.07.2014 30.07.2014
2013-14 (Interim) 150 3.00
14.02.2014 03.02.2014
2012-2013 200 4.00
31.07.2013 – 07.08.2013 07.08.2013
2011-2012 160
17.07.2012 – 24.07.2012 24.07.2012
2010-2011 150 3.00
20-07-2011 – 27-07-2011 27-07-2011
2009-2010 135 13.50 21-07-2010 – 28-07-2010 28-07-2010 29-07-2010
2008-2009 125 12.50
22-07-2009 – 29-07-2009 29-07-2009 30-07-2009
2007-2008 100 10.00 15.07.2008 – 22.07.2008 22.07.2008 23.07.2008
2006-2007 50 5.00
12.07.2007 – 19.07.2007
19.07.2007 20.07.2007
2005-2006 65 6.50 11.07.2006 – 12.07.2006 25.07.2006 26.07.2006
2004-2005 65 6.50 19.07.2005 – 20.07.2005 28.07.2005 29.07.2005
2003-2004 65 6.50
15.07.2004 – 16.07.2004 29.07.2004 30.07.2004
2002-2003 50 5.00
17.07.2003 – 18.07.2003 06.08.2003 07.08.2003
2001-2002 (Final) 25 2.50
20.08.2002 – 21.08.2002 02.09.2002 03.09.2002
2001-2002 (Interim) 25 2.50 07.02.2002 17.01.2002
(Board meeting)
2000-2001 35 3.50 13.09.2001 – 14.09.2001 25.09.2001 26.09.2001

Declaration of Results of E-voting

An Extraordinary General Meeting of the Company was held on 9th December 2019. The Company had provided remote e-voting
facility to its members to exercise their right to vote. In addition, Poll was conducted at the Extraordinary General Meeting venue. The Scrutinizer appointed for the purpose, have submitted her consolidated report on voting as under:

Based on the consolidated results of e-voting and Ballot, the Resolution as set out in the Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting has been approved by the Shareholders with requisite majority.

Investor Education & Protection Fund ( IEPF ) Status of unclaimed Dividend
The following dividend payments, if remained unclaimed, will be transferred to Investor Education & Protection Fund (IEPF) as under :-

Year of Dividend Date of Declaration of Dividend Due Date for transfer to IEPF
2017-2018 08.08.2018 13.09.2025
2016-2017 02.08.2017 07.09.2024
2015-2016 03.08.2016 08.09.2023
2014-2015 23.07.2015 28.08.2022
2013-14 (Final) 30.07.2014 04.09.2021
2013-2014 (Interim) 21.02.2014 11.03.2021
2012-2013 07.08.2013 12.09.2020
2011 – 2012 24.07.2012 29.08.2019
The following unpaid dividend payment of the Company have already been transferred to the Investor Education & Protection Fund (IEPF) as under :-
Year of Dividend Date of Dividend Date of Transfer
2010-2011 28.07.2011 21.09.2018
2009-2010 29.07.2010 08.09.2017
2008-2009 30.07.2009 07.09.2016
2007-2008 23.07.2008 03.09.2015
2006-2007 20.07.2007 25.08.2014
2005-2006 26.07.2006 30.08.2013
2004-2005 29.07.2005 27.08.2012
2003-2004 30.07.2004 29.08.2011
2002-2003 08.08.2003 15.09.2010
2001-2002 (Final) 03.09.2002 14.10.2009
2001-2002 (Interim) 15.02.2002 13.03.2009
2000-2001 26.09.2001 04.11.2008
Details of Unclaimed Dividend /Equity Shares with reference to IEPF Rules, 2016


Name of the Nodal Officer : R. V. Satam
e-mail address : rajvardhansatam@lupin.com

Appointment of Registrar and Share Transfer Agent of the Company

Shareholders, Beneficial Owners, Depository Participants and all other persons concerned dealing in the shares of Lupin Limited
(‘the Company’) are hereby informed that the Company has appointed Link Intime India Pvt.Ltd. (‘Link Intime’) as the Registrar and
Share Transfer Agent of the Company, with effect from June 15, 2018.

All persons concerned are hereby requested to send / deliver all the documents / correspondence relating to the transfer of
physical shares, change of address (physical shares), issue of duplicate share certificates, claim of unpaid dividend/unclaimed
shares, dematerialization of shares etc. pertaining to shares of the Company to the Link Intime at the following address:

Link Intime India Pvt.Ltd.
Unit: Lupin Limited
C-101, 247 Park,
L.B.S.Marg, Vikhroli (West),
Mumbai – 400 083

The dedicated e-mail id for shareholders of the Company for communication with Link Intime is rnt.helpdesk@linkintime.co.in and
contact tel. nos. are: 022-49186270, Toll free no.1800 1020 878.


The facility of nomination can be availed by shareowners who are individuals, holding shares in single or joint names up to two persons. The shares vest in the nominee on the death of the shareholder and joint shareholder(s). It is expedient to nominate, particularly in single holdings to avoid problems in future.

Nomination can be made using the prescribed form 2B, available on this site, under “download forms”

Nominee can be a minor, who has to be represented by a guardian Society, Body corporate, Partnership firm, Karta of HUF or Power of attorney holder cannot be a nominee

The nomination can be altered or canceled at any point of time

It would be advisable to maintain a copy of the nomination form along with the confirmation of registration by the Company/DP

You are requested to quote the nomination details to:

Your DP in case shares in demat mode

Company’s RTA i.e. Link Intime India Pvt. Ltd. in case of physical holding

Nomination Registration Form SH13 – Click here

Electronic clearing service for dividends

This facility enables the dividend payable, to be credited to your bank account provided by you, through RBI’s National Electronic
Clearing Cell. ECS offers the following benefits to the shareowners:

Immediate credit of dividend directly into your bank account

No need to fill up pay-in-slip and deposit warrant into bank

Safeguard against misplacement or fraudulent encashment of warrant

Credit entry in pass book/statement issued by your banker

Intimation by Company upon remittance of dividend through NECS

Factors in ECS:

NECS is currently available at major cities/centres. Wherever NECS facility is not available, the dividend is paid by means of

To avail NECS you would have to quote your bank, branch, account number and the nine-digit MICR code, IFSC code printed on your cheque book

To obtain correct credit, it is very vital that your bank account details and noted correctly. It would be advisable to attach a copy of your cheque leaf/cancelled cheque leaf while requesting to note the NECS. It would be ideal to verify the details recorded with DP/Company

In the event NECS not available, it would be advisable to request the Company to print your bank account details on the dividendwarrant – this helps prevent fraudulent encashment

Reconcile your passbook/statement NECS information has to be quoted to:

Your DP in case share in demat mode

Company’s RTA i.e. Link Intime India Pvt. Ltd. in case of physical holding

Dematerialised shares

While it is ideal to hold the shares in demat mode in view of the several benefits that it confers, it is worthwhile to:

Reconcile your records regularly. Monitor your transaction through the statements provided by your DP. Discrepancy (if any) should be immediately brought to the attention of DP

Do not merely confirm balances in your account, tally the transactions in the transaction statement. Confirm there are no unauthorised transactions

You may mark unresolved complaints to the Depositories

Use the facility of freezing your account when you do not intend to operate the account for certain time. Defreeze the account before commencing operation

Keep the delivery instruction forms under lock and key

You have the option to select the DP. Convenience, Comfort and Cost are some important criteria for selecting the DP

Guide for investors, covering various facets of demat holdings are available with the depositories